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100 Dog Friendly Stores in San Francisco, California

As someone who’s well-versed in the intricacies of dog law in the USA, I know all too well how challenging it can be to find dog-friendly stores in San Francisco. Despite being a city that’s home to more dogs than human residents under 18, not all stores and establishments welcome our furry friends with open arms.

That’s why I’ve decided to put together a comprehensive guide to the best dog-friendly stores in San Francisco. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, this article is a must-read for anyone looking to shop with their pup in tow. I’ll cover everything from the best stores for dog toys and treats to those that offer special amenities like water bowls and designated doggy areas.

11 Most Dog Friendly Stores in San Francisco, California
Remember to check with the individual stores about their current pet policies before bringing your dog, as policies may change over time.

List of 100 Dog Friendly Stores in San Francisco, California

Here are the top 100 dog-friendly chain stores in San Francisco:


  1. Bath and Body Works
  2. LUSH Cosmetics
  3. MAC Cosmetics
  5. Sephora (read more “Does Sephora Allow Dogs”)
  6. ULTA (read the article “Does Ulta Allow Dogs Inside?”)


  1. Barnes and Noble (allowed in some cases, read the article “Is Barnes & Noble Pet Friendly?”)
  2. Half Price Books


  1. Abercrombie and Fitch
  2. American Eagle Outfitters
  3. Ann Taylor
  4. Anthropologie
  5. Banana Republic
  6. Barney’s New York
  7. Bergdorf Goodman
  8. Bloomingdale’s
  9. Chico’s
  10. Coach
  11. Designer Shoe Warehouse (read the article “Is DSW Pet Friendly?”)
  12. Foot Locker
  13. Free People
  14. Gap
  15. Goodwill (allowed in some cases, read the article “Goodwill Pet Policy”)
  16. H&M (allowed in some cases, read the article “H&M Pet Policy“)
  17. JC Penney’s (read the article “JC Penney’s Pet Policy”)
  18. J. Jill
  19. Kenneth Cole
  20. Kohl’s (read the article “Kohl’s Pet Policy”)
  21. Knot Standard
  22. Lane Bryant
  23. Lululemon Athletica (read the article “Lululemon Pet Policy”)
  24. Macy’s (read the article “Macy’s Pet Policy”)
  25. Marshalls (read the article “Marshalls Pet Policy”)
  26. Nordstrom (read the article “Nordstrom Pet Policy”)
  27. Nordstrom’s The Rack
  28. Old Navy (read the article “Old Navy Pet Policy”)
  29. Ross (read the article “Ross Pet Policy”)
  30. Rye 51
  31. Saks Fifth Avenue
  32. Saks OFF 5TH
  33. Simon Premium Outlets
  34. Talbots
  35. TJ Maxx (read the article “TJ Maxx Pet Policy”)
  36. Tommy Bahama
  37. Urban Outfitters
  38. Victoria’s Secret

Hardware + Auto

  1. Ace Hardware (read the article “Ace Hardware Pet Policy”)
  2. AutoZone (read the article “AutoZone Pet Policy”)
  3. Farm And Fleet (read the article “Farm And Fleet Pet Policy”)
  4. Fleet Farm (read the article “Fleet Farm Pet Policy”)
  5. Harley Davidson Store
  6. Lowe’s (allowed in some cases, read the article “Lowe’s Pet Policy”)
  7. Lumber Liquidators
  8. Harbour Freight (read the article “Harbour Freight Pet Policy”)
  9. Pep Boys
  10. The Home Depot (allowed in some cases, read the article “The Home Depot Pet Policy”)
  11. Tractor Supply Co. (read the article “Tractor Supply Co. Pet Policy”)
  12. Menards (read the article “Menards Pet Policy”)


  1. Hobby Lobby (read the article “Hobby Lobby Pet Policy”)
  2. JoAnn Fabric (read the article “JoAnn Fabric Pet Policy”)
  3. Michaels

Home Decor

  1. At Home (read the article “At Home Pet Policy”)
  2. Bed Bath and Beyond (read the article “Bed Bath and Beyond Pet Policy”)
  3. Big Lots (allowed in some cases, read the article “Big Lots Pet Policy”)
  4. Crate & Barrel
  5. Ethan Allen
  6. Floor & Decor (read the article “Floor & Decor Pet Policy”)
  7. HomeGoods (read the article “HomeGoods Pet Policy”)
  8. HomeSense
  9. IKEA (allowed in some cases, read the article “IKEA Pet Policy“)
  10. Kirkland Home Stores
  11. Living Spaces (small dogs only)
  12. Pottery Barn
  13. Restoration Hardware
  14. The Container Store (read the article “The Container Store Pet Policy”)
  15. Tuesday Morning
  16. West Elm (read the article “West Elm Pet Policy”)
  17. White House Black Market
  18. William Sonoma
  19. Yankee Candle


  1. Alex and Ani
  2. Diamonds Direct
  3. Jared – The Galleria of Jewelry
  4.  Kendra Scott
  5. Pandora
  6. Tiffany & Co.

Pet Supply Stores

  1. Pet Supplies Plus
  2. Pet Valu
  3. Pet Supermarket
  4. PetSmart (read the article “PetSmart Pet Policy”)
  5. Petco (read the article “Petco Dog Wash”)
  6. Woof Gang Bakery

Sports + Outdoors

  1. Academy Sports + Outdoors (read the article “Store Pet Policy”)
  2. Bass Pro Shops (read the article “Bass Pro Pet Policy”)
  3. Cabela’s (read the article “Cabela’s Pet Policy”)
  4. Camping World (read the article “Camping World Pet Policy”)
  5. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  6.  Field and Stream
  7. Gander Outdoors
  8. Great Outdoor Provision Co.
  9. L.L. Bean (read the article “L.L. Bean Pet Policy”)
  10. Orvis
  11. Patagonia
  12. REI (read the article “REI Pet Policy”)
  13. Scheels
  14. Sierra (read the article “Sierra Pet Policy”)
  15. Sportsman’s Warehouse

Local Dog Friendly Stores in San Francisco, California

While larger chain stores may have their own policies when it comes to allowing dogs inside, there are also plenty of local small businesses in San Francisco that are just as loyal to visitors with dogs. These stores offer a more welcoming and less crowded atmosphere, which can be less stressful for dogs who may be easily overwhelmed by larger crowds.

In addition, many of these local stores have a unique charm and character that you won’t find at larger retailers. If you’re looking for a shopping experience that’s both dog-friendly and authentically San Franciscan, be sure to check out these local stores:

  1. Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods – A boutique pet store offering natural pet foods and supplies.
  2. Pawtrero Bathhouse & Feed Co. – A store that offers dog grooming services and a wide variety of natural pet foods.
  3. Bow Wow Meow – A pet store that offers high-quality pet supplies and unique gifts for pet lovers.
  4. Animal House Pet Supplies – A store that specializes in natural pet foods and pet supplies for dogs and cats.
  5. George – A boutique that sells clothing, accessories, and home decor, all of which are dog-friendly.
  6. Small Frys – A children’s boutique that also sells dog clothes and accessories.
  7. Furry Tales – A store that sells handmade dog toys and accessories.
  8. Citizen Canine – A dog daycare and boarding facility that also sells pet supplies.
  9. Happy Hound – A pet grooming salon that also sells a variety of pet supplies.
  10. K9 Scrub Club – A dog grooming salon that also offers self-service dog wash stations.
  11. SF Raw – A store that specializes in raw pet food and natural pet supplies.
  12. Le Marcel Dog Bakery – A dog bakery that sells freshly-baked treats and custom dog cakes.

Dog Friendly Shopping in San Francisco, California

If you plan to shop with your furry friend in San Francisco, it’s important to be aware of the requirements and rules of conduct that come along with it. For starters, all dogs must be on a leash that is no longer than 8 feet in length while out in public. This applies to both indoor and outdoor shopping areas. Additionally, it’s important to always clean up after your dog and dispose of their waste properly. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine.

In addition to the basic requirements for dogs in public spaces, there are also certain rules of conduct that should be followed when shopping with your pup. Dogs should be well-behaved and under control at all times, and should not be allowed to bark excessively, jump on people, or interfere with other customers. It’s also important to be mindful of any allergies or fears that other customers may have, and to keep your dog away from them if necessary.

Finally, it’s important for dog owners to be aware of the fines that exist in San Francisco for violations of dog-related laws. For example, failing to clean up after your dog can result in a fine of up to $500, while allowing your dog to run off-leash in certain areas can result in a fine of up to $320.

Additionally, dogs that are not properly licensed and vaccinated can result in a fine of up to $1000. By following the requirements and rules of conduct, and being aware of the potential fines for violations, dog owners can help ensure a positive shopping experience for everyone involved.

San Francisco Dog Regulations and Fines

ViolationFine Amount (USD)
Unlicensed Dog$50 – $100
Off-Leash in Restricted Area$75 – $150
Failure to Scoop Dog Waste$25 – $50
Excessive Barking$100 – $200
Aggressive Behavior$150 – $300
Dogs in Public Buildings$50 – $100
Unattended Tethered Dog$75 – $150
Dogs on Public Transport$50 – $100
Violation of Leash Law$75 – $150
Dog in Food Establishment$100 – $200
Noisy Dog at Night$75 – $150
These fines are may vary based on the severity of the violation. Always refer to the local municipal codes and regulations for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Dog Friendly Shopping malls in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that’s known for its dog-friendly culture, and that extends to the city’s shopping malls. If you’re a dog owner, you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home while you shop. There are several shopping malls throughout the city that allow dogs, making it easier than ever to bring your pet along for the ride.

One of the most popular dog-friendly shopping malls in San Francisco is the Westfield San Francisco Centre. Located in the heart of the city, this mall has a wide variety of shops and restaurants that welcome dogs. The mall even hosts occasional “Yappy Hours” where you can bring your pup for a special treat. Another great option is the Stonestown Galleria, which features a large outdoor courtyard where dogs are welcome.

If you’re looking for a more upscale shopping experience, head to the Union Square shopping district. Many of the high-end stores in this area welcome dogs, including Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. The area is also home to several pet-friendly hotels, making it a great place to stay if you’re traveling with your furry friend.

For a more laid-back shopping experience, check out the Marina district. This neighborhood is home to several dog-friendly shops and restaurants, including the Cow Hollow Dog & Cat store and the Rolo clothing boutique. You can even take your dog to the beach at nearby Crissy Field for a walk before or after your shopping trip.

Overall, there are plenty of options for dog-friendly shopping in San Francisco. Just be sure to follow the rules and regulations regarding dogs in public spaces, such as keeping your pet on a leash and cleaning up after them. With a little planning and consideration, you and your furry friend can enjoy a fun and stress-free shopping experience in the city.

Additionally, peruse our helpful and current article “Are Dogs Allowed In Malls in the US?”

FAQ about Dog Friendly Stores in San Francisco

What stores are dogs allowed in San Francisco?

There are several stores in San Francisco that allow dogs, including some of the city’s largest shopping malls such as Westfield San Francisco Centre and Stonestown Galleria. Additionally, many local businesses such as pet stores, clothing boutiques, and cafes are also dog-friendly.

Are dogs allowed in grocery stores in San Francisco?

Generally, dogs are not allowed in grocery stores in San Francisco unless they are service animals. However, some specialty stores that sell pet food and supplies may allow dogs inside.

What is the dog law in San Francisco?

The dog laws in San Francisco include requirements for licensing, vaccination, and leash laws. Owners are also responsible for picking up after their dogs and ensuring they do not disturb others in public spaces. Violations of these laws can result in fines.

Are dogs allowed in stores in San Francisco?

It depends on the store. While some stores in San Francisco allow dogs, others may have specific policies against it. It’s best to check with the store before bringing your dog inside.

Can you take a dog into Walmart in San Francisco?

No, dogs are not allowed in Walmart stores in San Francisco unless they are service animals.

Are dogs allowed in IKEA San Francisco?

No, dogs are not allowed inside IKEA stores in San Francisco unless they are service animals.

Can I bring my dog into stores in San Francisco?

Some stores in San Francisco do allow dogs, but it’s best to check with the specific store before bringing your pet inside. In general, it’s always a good idea to keep your dog on a leash and well-behaved in public spaces.

Are dogs allowed in Costco San Francisco?

No, dogs are not allowed inside Costco stores in San Francisco unless they are service animals.

Are dogs allowed to roam free San Francisco?

No, dogs are required to be on a leash at all times in public spaces in San Francisco, unless they are in a designated off-leash dog park. This is to ensure the safety of both the dogs and other people in the area.


In conclusion, shopping with your furry friend in San Francisco can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. While there are certainly some restrictions and rules to follow, there are also many dog-friendly stores and businesses in the city that welcome four-legged shoppers.

It’s worth noting that San Francisco has a unique attitude towards dogs, with many residents considering them to be important members of the family. As such, there is a general acceptance of dogs in many public spaces, including some stores and cafes. However, it’s always important to check with the specific store or business before bringing your dog inside.

If you find yourself unable to bring your dog with you on a shopping trip, there are several options available. Many cities, including San Francisco, have professional pet sitters and dog walkers who can care for your pet while you’re out and about. Alternatively, you could consider leaving your dog at a reputable boarding facility or arranging for a friend or family member to look after them.

San Francisco is a city that has produced many famous figures throughout history, including writer Jack London and actor Robin Williams. It’s hard to say for sure how these individuals would feel about shopping with a dog, but it’s likely that they would appreciate the city’s love and acceptance of pets.

In the end, whether you’re a San Francisco resident or just visiting the city, there are plenty of opportunities to shop with your dog by your side. From local pet stores to major shopping malls, there are plenty of options for you and your furry friend to explore together. Just remember to always be mindful of local laws and regulations, and to respect the wishes of store owners and other shoppers who may not be as comfortable around dogs as you are.

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