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Petco Dog Wash. All Tips

Petco Dog Wash: It costs $15 to use self-serve dog wash, which includes shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes, towels, blow-dryers and aprons for your pup.

Petco does have self service dog wash stations! This can be a great way to make life easier for you and your pet. The stations have all of the necessary supplies to clean your dog, and they are typically very affordable. This can be a great option if you do not have time to take your dog to a professional groomer on a regular basis.

Petco-Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations
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Does Petco Have A Self Serve Dog Wash In 2023?

Yes, many Petco locations have Petco self serve dog wash stations where dog owners can bathe and groom their pets for under $15. Each wash station has large wash bays, specialty shampoo and conditioner, grooming tables, towels, dryers and brushes. 

Does Petco Have A Self Serve Dog Wash
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So if you’re looking to get your dog professionally groomed, you’ll need to go Petco. And if you’re looking for a place to wash and groom your dog yourself, Petco is a great option!

Petco does have professional pet grooming services.

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What Is The Petco Self Serve Dog Wash Station?

We adore dogs, but there’s no doubting that they have a dirty-loving nature. It isn’t always simple to clean them in the bathtub or with the garden hose, so Petco recognized the needs of pet owners and set up pet washing stations at many of its locations.

The Petco dog wash station is a great place to go to get your dog clean and smelling great. 

You may get all of the materials you’ll need to clean and freshen up your dog for a modest fee, including high-quality shampoo and conditioner, brushes, towels, and dryers, as well as brushes and grooming tools to finish the job correctly.

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The large wash bays make it easy to keep your dog contained while you work, and the dryers will help to get them looking and smelling their best in no time. When you’re finished, your dog will be happy, clean, and ready to take on the world again.

So, the next time you visit a local Petco store, make full use of the self-serve dog wash station and keep your canine companion clean and happy.

You may use the Petco store locator tool to locate a location with a dog wash stations. Furthermore, you won’t need to book an appointment. When you arrive, check in at the Grooming Salon desk.

How Much Does The Petco Self Serve Dog Wash Station Cost?

At Petco, a simple pet wash costs $15.

The Petco dog wash station is an excellent option for those who want to clean their pets quickly and easily. Keeping your four-legged companion clean and comfortable may be as simple as washing him or her at home.

The station is simple to operate, and the personnel are available at all times to assist you if you have any queries or require help.

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Overall, the Petco dog wash station is a fantastic value for your money and an excellent method to keep your pet clean and healthy.

How Do You Use A Petco Self Serve Dog Wash Station?

Petco provides everything you’ll need for bathed or groomed your dog. The following products are available there:

  • Large raised wash bays with overhead handheld water spray nozzle
  • Grooming tables
  • Custom shampoos and conditioners
  • Towels
  • Brushes, combs, and nail clippers
  • Waterproof apron
  • Blow dryer is also available for use.

To use the pet wash, first leash your dog and have them walk into one of the bays. We recommend that you utilize the handicapped-accessible bay if you have a big dog or two dogs.

How Do You Use A Petco Self Serve Dog Wash Station
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Spray your dog down once they’re in the bay. Follow with a wash and conditioned using shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to clean your dog using the provided brushes.

Finally, use the hose to wash off all of the soap, then dry your dog with the towels. The blow dryer is also available for usage, but we recommend that you only use it on a low setting.

All breeds may use the wash bays. The wash station is nestled in a separate chamber with a closure that may be closed to keep escapes at bay. Furthermore, when washing your dog, make sure the water temperature is lukewarm and the pressure is low for his comfort.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Bathing your dog is one of the most popular activities for canines, which is great since washing them is so important to their skin and coat health. However, it’s also vital not to overdo it, and most dogs should be washed at least once a month and no more frequently than every two weeks.

The frequency of a dog’s bath is determined by breed; long-haired canines are more likely to require baths than short-haired ones. The bottom line is that you should talk to your veterinarian about the number of times you should bathe your four-legged companion. Other things to consider include whether your pet swims frequently or has skin allergies.

Use this general guide to help you understand how often you should wash your dog:

  • Once a week: Dogs that swim regularly or have skin allergies
  • Every two weeks: Adult dogs with normal skin that don’t swim frequently
  • Once a month: Puppies and adult dogs with short coats
  • A few times a year: Adult long haired dogs and dogs with double coats, such as Huskies and Golden Retrievers
  • As needed: Senior dogs with health conditions that make them more susceptible to dehydration

The best way to keep your dog clean in between baths is to groom him regularly. This will help remove any dirt, debris, or mats from his coat. It’s also a great opportunity to bond with your pet!

Of course, if your dog enjoys going for a swim, is obsessed with mud puddles, or lives in the country and rolls in anything at all, you may wish to wash it more often than if it lived in a condo in the ‘burbs.

12 Tips on how to prepare your dog for a Petco Dog Wash

  1. Introduce your dog to bathing at a young age: If possible, start introducing your dog to bathing from a young age so that they become accustomed to the experience. This will help them feel more comfortable and less anxious during their first Petco Dog Wash.
  2. Familiarize your dog with the bathtub: Before bringing your dog to the Petco Dog Wash, make sure they are comfortable with the bathtub at home. You can do this by giving them baths at home and gradually increasing the water level to get them used to the sensation.
  3. Brush your dog’s coat: Brushing your dog’s coat before their bath will help remove any loose hair, dirt, or debris, making the washing process more effective. It will also help prevent matting and tangling, which can be painful for your dog.
  4. Trim your dog’s nails: Long nails can be uncomfortable for your dog during the washing process, so make sure to trim them before bringing your dog to the Petco Dog Wash.
  5. Bring your own towels: It’s always a good idea to bring your own towels to the Petco Dog Wash. This will help ensure that your dog is dried off thoroughly and reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  6. Bring your dog’s favorite toys: Bringing your dog’s favorite toys to the Petco Dog Wash can help distract them and make the experience more enjoyable. It can also help to calm anxious dogs and reduce stress levels.
  7. Use positive reinforcement: During the washing process, use positive reinforcement techniques to help keep your dog calm and relaxed. You can offer treats or verbal praise to reward good behavior and help create a positive association with bath time.
  8. Avoid spraying water directly in your dog’s face: Dogs can be sensitive to water in their eyes, ears, and nose, so be sure to avoid spraying water directly in their face. Instead, use a cup or your hand to pour water over their head.
  9. Use a dog-specific shampoo: Using a dog-specific shampoo will help prevent skin irritation and promote a healthy coat. Avoid using human shampoos, as they can be too harsh for your dog’s skin.
  10. Rinse thoroughly: Make sure to rinse your dog thoroughly to remove all shampoo and soap from their coat. Leftover shampoo can cause skin irritation and make your dog uncomfortable.
  11. Dry your dog thoroughly: After the bath, use towels to dry your dog thoroughly, making sure to get all the moisture out of their fur. If possible, use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to finish drying your dog.
  12. Reward your dog: After the bath, make sure to reward your dog with treats, praise, or a favorite activity. This will help reinforce positive behavior and create a positive association with bath time.

Grooming Services and Prices at Petco

Petco is a well-known pet store that offers a range of grooming services for dogs and cats at their Petco Grooming salons. The cost of grooming services at Petco can vary depending on the breed and size of your pet, the type of services required, and the location of the salon. Here’s a breakdown of grooming prices at Petco:

  1. Basic Bath: The basic bath at Petco includes a bath with dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, a blow-dry, and a brush-out. The price of a basic bath starts at around $25 for small dogs and can range up to $75 for larger breeds.
  2. Full-Service Grooming: Full-service grooming includes everything in the basic bath package plus additional services such as haircuts, nail trims, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. The price of full-service grooming varies depending on the size and breed of your pet, but on average, it starts at around $45 for small dogs and can go up to $150 for larger breeds.
  3. A La Carte Services: Petco also offers a range of a la carte services that can be added to any grooming package, including nail trimming, teeth brushing, and flea and tick treatments. The price of these services varies depending on the salon and location.
  4. Breed-Specific Grooming: Some breeds require special grooming services, such as poodle cuts, shih tzu trims, and lion cuts for cats. The price of breed-specific grooming can vary depending on the salon and location, but on average, it starts at around $55.
  5. Walk-In Services: For pet owners who prefer not to make an appointment, Petco offers walk-in services for nail trimming, teeth brushing, and other basic grooming services. The price of walk-in services starts at around $12.
  6. Discounts and Promotions: Petco also offers discounts and promotions throughout the year on grooming services. These may include special pricing for new customers, loyalty rewards, and seasonal promotions.

It’s important to note that the prices listed above are only estimates, and the actual cost of grooming services at Petco can vary based on the location of the salon, the services requested, and the size and breed of your pet. Before scheduling an appointment, it’s best to contact your local Petco grooming salon for pricing information and to discuss your pet’s specific grooming needs.


Does Petco give dogs a bath?

Yes, Petco provides professional dog bathing services at their Petco Grooming salons. The Petco dog wash includes a full bath using dog-specific shampoos, a blow-dry, and a brush-out. You can also add on additional services such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

Can I bathe my dog at PetSmart?

Yes, PetSmart also provides self-service dog washing stations at their PetSmart grooming salons. The self-service dog wash includes access to a tub, dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, towels, and a blow-dryer. You can also add on additional services such as nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

How much does it cost to wash a dog at PetSmart?

The cost of washing a dog at PetSmart varies depending on the location and services selected. On average, the cost of a self-service dog wash at PetSmart ranges from $10-$25. The cost of a professional grooming bath at PetSmart starts at $29 and varies based on the size and breed of the dog and the services requested.

Is PetSmart or Petco cheaper?

The cost of services at PetSmart and Petco varies depending on the location and services selected. Both stores offer competitive pricing and promotions throughout the year. It’s best to check with your local PetSmart or Petco grooming salon for specific pricing information.


Overall, the Petco self-serve dog wash station is a fantastic and cost-effective solution for pet owners who wish to clean and groom their dogs.

The wash station has everything you need to get the job done, including wash bays, grooming tables, towels, dryers, and grooming instruments. There is also a supply of specialty shampoos and conditioners on hand for your convenience.

If you want a pet wash station that is both cost-effective and easy to use, the Petco self-serve dog wash station is ideal for you.

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