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7 Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey, CA

Dog-Friendly Beaches Monterey:

  1. Monterey State Beach 
  2. Del Monte Beach 
  3. Carmel River State Beach 
  4. Garrapata State Park (Garrapata Beach)
  5. Asilomar State Beach 
  6. Lovers Point Park And Beach
  7. Alder Creek Beach

Looking for a vacation destination in Monterey where your furry friend can enjoy time with you? Wondering: Does Monterey allow dogs? Yes, Monterey County, California is one of the most dog-friendly places along the Pacific Coast!

Dog-Friendly Beaches Monterey
Monterey State Beach. Photo from (IG) @axels_newhome

Most stores and restaurants welcome dogs, and many beaches also allow them. You’ll find water bowls and even garbage bags for your convenience. Here are some of the best dog-friendly beaches Monterey County where you can have a fun day with your dog.

Top Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey CA

Monterey State Beach 

Address: 2339 Del Monte Ave, Monterey CA

Dog-Friendly Beaches Monterey
Monterey State Beach. Photo from (IG) @rocky.the.husky.official 

Monterey State Beach is a great place to bring your dog. The beach is well-known for being dog-friendly, and there are often many other dogs present. It’s important to keep your dog on a leash, as this is the law, but be aware that some other people may not have their dogs leashed. Parking in the area can be challenging.

Can dogs go on beach in Monterey?

Dogs are allowed on leash at: Monterey State Beach, South of the Monterey Tides Hotel (from Roberts lot south).

Dogs are NOT allowed at: Monterey State Beach, North of the Monterey Tides Hotel (from Seaside lot north).

Park Brochure

Day-Use Facilities & Activities

  • Picnic Areas
  • Fishing
  • Beach Area
  • Swimming
  • Windsurfing/Surfing
  • Geocaching

Other Facilities

  • Parking
  • Drinking Water Available
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Del Monte Beach 

Address: 1110 Del Monte Ave, Monterey CA

Del Monte Beach. Photo from (IG) @wilfsplacepetservices 

Del Monte Beach is a hidden gem located on the back side of a coastal housing community in Monterey Bay. To get there, turn toward the ocean off Del Monte Avenue at Casa Verde Avenue and follow the one-way road up Surf Way to Tide Avenue. Parking is available along the street next to the dunes behind the beach. 

Del Monte Beach. Photo from (IG) 

There is a boardwalk trail through the dunes with benches and picnic tables. The city of Monterey manages Del Monte Beach, which is between two sections of Monterey State Beach: Window on the Bay Beach to the south and Houghton M. Roberts Beach to the north. 

Del Monte Beach is a leash-friendly beach where dogs and their families can enjoy the Monterey CA surf together. However, be cautious of the waves as there are no lifeguards on duty.

Carmel River State Beach 

Address: 26478 Carmelo St, Carmel CA

Carmel River State Beach. Photo from (IG)victoriacamila93  

The large sandy beach south of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California is known as Carmel River State Beach. This state park protects a major part of land, which is mostly made up of wetlands at the mouth of the Carmel River. This area is known as the Carmel River Lagoon and Wetlands Natural Preserve. The lagoon in this area changes shape over time, but is typically a large body of water located behind the beach that attracts many species of birds. 

This is a popular destination for sunbathing when the weather is warm. It is also popular among birders and hikers who walk the bluff top path south from Carmel Meadows to Monastery Beach, which is also part of the state park. 

The lagoon’s primary beach has plenty of area for visitors to spread out. There is a small parking lot at this destination, but there are additional spaces on the streets around. Simply proceed south on Carmelo Street until it ends to reach the beach. 

Swimming is not permitted at Carmel River State Beach because of the undertow, which can be fatal.The pet policy for this state park allows dogs on leash.

Garrapata State Park (Garrapata Beach)

Address: 25058 Cabrillo Hwy, Carmel CA

Garrapata State Park dog friendly
Garrapata State Park. Photo from (IG)tails.of.samson

The beach at Garrapata State Park is accessible to your dog and is a great place for them to enjoy the water. Your dog’s only legal access to the beach is along this stretch, and they must stay on a leash no longer than six feet long.

Carmel Beach

Address: Ocean Ave and Scenic Rd, Carmel CA

Carmel Beach
Carmel Beach. Photo from (IG)oliverandqueenb

Carmel Beach is well-known for having a lot of dogs frolicking in the waves. Dogs are allowed to run off-leash here, and the beach has enough space for all of them. A toilet and a resting area for people who don’t want to get sandy are also available. This is one of the most popular dog-friendly beaches in Carmel.

Asilomar State Beach 

Address: Sunset Dr, Pacific Grove, CA, US, 93950

Asilomar State Beach dog friendly
Asilomar State Beach. Photo from (IG)hildog2022

Asilomar State Beach is a great place to bring your leashed dog to splash around and explore. The Asilomar Coast Trail is open for all to walk, and your dog can also explore the forest on the outskirts of the beach. There is also the Dune Boardwalk, but your dog needs to remain on a leash at all times. Bring your dog to enjoy the beauty of coastal California at this popular destination!

Lovers Point Park And Beach

Address: Ocean View Blvd and 17th St, Pacific Grove CA

The beach and park at Lover’s Point is 4.4 acres, so your dog can join you for picnics, fishing, swimming, and other activities. With people in Pacific Grove, Lover’s Point is a popular area. Keep an eye on your dog and make sure they stay on a leash since the tides and currents at the beach might be too strong.

Alder Creek Beach

Address: Hwy 1, Big Sur CA

Alder Creek Beach, which is located near Highway 1, is a smaller beautiful beach where your dog may join you. This is one of numerous tiny dog-friendly beaches that line the PCH where your dog can frolic with you. It’s ideal for taking a short break to stretch your legs or have lunch before continuing along the PCH. While the water is beautiful, it’s best to keep your dog on a leash as there are no lifeguards.

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10 Tips For Taking Dogs To Beaches Monterey

  1. Research the specific beach’s rules and regulations regarding dogs before you go. This will ensure that you are prepared and know what to expect.
  2. Make sure your dog is properly trained and socialized before taking them to the beach. They should be able to obey basic commands and be comfortable around other dogs and people.
  3. Bring plenty of fresh water and a bowl for your dog to drink from. The saltwater from the ocean can dehydrate dogs quickly, and they may not want to drink from the ocean.
  4. Bring a leash and make sure your dog is wearing identification tags. Even if the beach allows off-leash dogs, it’s important to have a leash on hand in case your dog becomes aggressive or tries to run away.
  5. Clean up after your dog. Most beaches require you to pick up after your dog, so bring plenty of bags to dispose of waste properly.
  6. Bring shade and shelter for your dog. The sun can be intense at the beach, and dogs can quickly become overheated. Bringing a beach umbrella or a pop-up tent can provide shade and a cool spot for your dog to rest.
  7. Watch for signs of heatstroke in your dog. Dogs can quickly overheat and become dehydrated in the sun, so it’s important to watch for signs such as excessive panting, lethargy, and vomiting.
  8. Be respectful of other beachgoers. Some people may be afraid of dogs, so it’s important to keep your dog under control and away from others who may not want to interact with them.
  9. Keep your dog away from wildlife. Many beaches have protected wildlife habitats, so it’s important to keep your dog on a leash and away from any areas where wildlife may be present.
  10. Have fun! Taking your dog to the beach can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Monterey. Just remember to be responsible and respectful of others and the environment.


Is Pearl Beach Dog Friendly?

Yes, this is a lovely dog beach that provides off-leash running at the northern end of the beach.

Are dogs allowed on the Monterey pier?

Yes, leashed dogs are welcome on the Monterey pier and in many businesses in the area.

Are dogs allowed at Cannery Row?

Yes, your leashed dog is welcome to walk down this well-known street. Cannery Row is the ideal location to soak up the culture and beauty of Monterey Bay, with luxury waterfront hotels, delicious restaurants, and fascinating boutiques.

What beaches allow dogs in Monterey County?

There are several beaches in Monterey County that allow dogs. Some of the most popular ones include Carmel Beach, Del Monte Beach, and Asilomar State Beach. However, each beach has its own rules and restrictions regarding dogs, so it’s important to check beforehand.

Is Lovers beach Monterey dog friendly?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on Lover’s Beach in Monterey. This is due to the sensitive habitat in the area and the need to protect wildlife. However, there are other beaches in the area that do allow dogs, such as Carmel Beach and Del Monte Beach.

Are dogs allowed on the beach at Carmel by the Sea?

Yes, dogs are allowed on the beach at Carmel by the Sea. However, there are some restrictions, such as requiring dogs to be on a leash and cleaning up after them. It’s always a good idea to check the specific rules of the beach you plan to visit to ensure that you and your furry friend have a great experience.

Can I bring my dog to Monterey?

Yes, you can bring your dog to Monterey. However, it’s important to note that there may be restrictions in certain areas, such as parks and beaches. Before you go, it’s a good idea to research the rules and regulations to ensure that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable visit.

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So, what Are the Best of The Best of Dog-Friendly Beaches in Monterey?  There are many great dog-friendly beaches in Monterey County, so it’s tough to choose just a few. However, the beaches mentioned above are definitely some of the best of the best. As always, be sure to follow posted rules and regulations, and clean up after your pup. With a little planning, you and your furry friend can enjoy a fun and relaxing day at the beach.

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