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Does Jersey Mike’s Subs Allow Dogs Inside? Is Jersey Mike’s Subs Pet Friendly? Pet Policy 2023 Guide

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a popular American restaurant chain with a long history of making great subs. The company also has a strong commitment to giving back, which it describes as a “culture of giving.”

Does Jersey Mike's Subs Allow Dogs

But does Jersey Mike’s Subs allow dogs in its restaurants? Although dogs are not allowed inside Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants, some customers may not know this. Service animals are always allowed and often pet dogs are allowed on the Jersey Mike’s Subs outdoor patios.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about Jersey Mike’s Subs, including its secret menu items, charitable activities, and collaboration with the New York Yankees. You’ll also discover what pet policy is in effect so that you can plan your next visit accordingly.

Is Jersey Mike’s Subs dog-friendly?

Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants are mostly dog-friendly. Non-service dogs are allowed on outdoor patios and terraces, and they often offer bowls of water for them. However, only service dogs are allowed inside the actual restaurant Jersey Mike’s Subs.

There isn’t much information on this subject on social media, but most pet dog owner reviews have been positive. Here’s a sample of one such satisfied Jersey Mike’s Subs customer:

Pet friendly. We stopped for a quick lunch. I had a chicken sub, my friend a steak. Her steak was lovely the subs are big, so bring an appetite. We sat outside at the tables so that our dog could sit with us.”

The best way to guarantee your dog can join you at Jersey Mike’s Subs is to contact the restaurant in advance and ask about their policy regarding dogs on outdoor patios and terraces.

What Is the Official  Jersey Mike’s Subs Dog Policy

Unfortunately, Jersey Mike’s Subs does not have any visible pet policy on their website. However, according to the Food and Drug Administration, food service establishments are legally allowed to only let Service Animals inside as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This means that regular pets are unfortunately not allowed in places such as restaurants even though they may be very well trained and behaved.

What is the pet policy on Jersey Mike’s Subs outdoor patios and restaurant terraces?

As we’ve talked about in the past, it’s always illegal to bring your dogs inside of restaurants. In general, it is now legal to bring your pet dog or emotional support animal into an outdoor restaurant patio or terrace in 17 states. However, this issue is not black and white, and each Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurant has its own dog policy that you should check before going. It’s important to be aware of your local restaurant’s policy before bringing your furry friend along for a meal.

What states allow dogs on outdoor patios?

Currently, only the following 17 states legally allow non-service dogs on outdoor patios and terraces of restaurants: California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina

Dogs are allowed on outdoor patios in that states as long as they are not causing a disturbance. Restaurants have the right to ask owners of disruptive dogs to leave, but service animals are always allowed inside and outside restaurants. This means that if you’re out with your service dog and want to eat at a restaurant with an outdoor patio, you can without having to worry about being asked to leave. Just make sure your dog is well-behaved and doesn’t bother other customers!

Does Jersey Mike’s Subs Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Pets are typically allowed on the patio at most Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants, but this may vary between locations. Service animals are always welcome. If you’re unsure about whether or not your pet is allowed, it’s best to call ahead before bringing them to Jersey Mike’s Subs. This will help ensure that you’re following the appropriate regulations for that establishment.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Rules for Dogs on Outdoor Patios

Pets are a big part of many families and, as a result, restaurants are starting to become more pet-friendly. Jersey Mike’s Subs is one such establishment that allows well-behaved dogs on a leash to accompany their owners on the patio.

The rules for keeping pets outside must be posted in front of the restaurant, which helps to ensure a safe environment for both dogs and pedestrians. Owners must clean up any messes their pets make and keep them from reclining or standing on tables or furniture. 

The Jersey Mike’s Subs Secret Menu

Jersey Mike’s Subs has a secret menu with some great items on it. One of these is the “99.” What is Jersey Mike’s “99”? This is a Philly cheesesteak with mushrooms and jalapeño, peppers, onions, with four slices of cheese (either pepper jack or American) and with a chipotle mayo sauce. Another more rare item is the Chicka-Fila-Roni: a chicken Philly with grilled onions, grilled pepperoni, chipotle mayo, and your choice of marinara or ranch. The Sub in a Tub is another good option and it’s essentially the inner workings of a sub but without any of the bread. 

Fresh and healthy food at Jersey Mike’s Subs

Jersey Mike’s is known for its fresh and healthy food. The company prides itself on preparing all of its vegetables by hand every day to ensure the highest level of freshness and flavor. Additionally, Jersey Mike’s bakes its bread fresh daily and shreds its lettuce, onions, and tomatoes daily. All of the meat used at Jersey Mike’s is USDA grade A. The chain was honored with the Restaurant Chain Marketer of the Year award for its commitment to quality ingredients. Despite being a fast food restaurant, much of Jersey Mike’s menu is actually quite healthy. However, there are some items that are not so healthy, such as the Buffalo chicken cheesesteak, which contains 1,770 calories and 79.5 grams of fat.

Jersey Mike’s most popular product

The most popular sandwich at Jersey Mike’s is made “Mike’s Way,” with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, spices, and a blend of olive oil and red wine vinegar. Customers can choose their own main filling for the sandwich, but the Mike’s Way are what make the sandwich famous. The store also offers a variety of other sandwiches with different ingredients.

Does Jersey Mike’s Subs have a menu for dogs? 

Jersey Mike’s Subs doesn’t have an official dog menu, but there are some dishes on the regular menu that you can offer your dog. For example, you can always ask for a sub without gravy, onions, and peppers for your dog with roast beef, turkey, tuna, cheese steak, or something else.

The Jersey Mike’s Subs culture of giving

Jersey Mike’s is well-known not only for its delicious subs, but also for its culture of giving back. Since 2010, the company has raised over $34 million for charity, and every year on the last Wednesday of March, 100% of the day’s sales are donated to a good cause. This tradition started back in 1975 and has continued to be a success, with over $6 million raised in 2019 alone.

Jersey Mike’s commitment to charitable causes is a central part of its growth strategy, and it’s clearly working. The company is making a difference not only through its food, but also through its generosity.

Jersey Mike’s Subs charity and service dogs

Jersey Mike’s has done a lot of work with charities, especially those involving veterans. They donated money to K9s for Warriors, a charity that provides service dogs to military veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and MST. This allows the veterans to have a much better quality of life and reintegrate into society easier.  

Service Animals are What?

Service dogs are individually trained to assist people with disabilities. The work that a service animal does for its handler must be related to the handler’s disability. Service animals are different from pets–they are working animals designed to help those in need.

Are All Service Animals Allowed In  Jersey Mike’s Subs?

By welcoming all service dogs, Jersey Mike’s Subs follows the Americans With Disabilities Act. Jersey Mike’s Subs workers are only permitted to inquire about a service dog’s status and what functions it has been trained to do – no documentation is necessary.

What Are The Service Dog Rules At  Jersey Mike’s Subs?

Service dogs accompanying people with disabilities are welcome in Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants, including all indoor and outdoor public spaces. They must be leashed or controlled at all times and are not permitted on furniture or in the play area. If a customer’s service dog is causing a disturbance, staff may request that it be removed from the restaurant.

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Jersey Mike’s Subs and New York Yankees 

Jersey Mike’s has partnered with the New York Yankees to become the team’s “Official Sub Sandwich Shop.” As part of the partnership, Yankees promote the Jersey Mike’s through in-stadium LED signs and game tickets. This is not a surprise considering that Peter Cancro, the founder of Jersey Mike’s, is a big fan of sports.

Two professional athletes who own their own Jersey Mike’s franchises are former Yankees star Morgan Ensberg and former NFL player Angelo Crowell. Jersey Mike’s also became a sponsor of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split (an e-sports league) in order to reach a younger demographic.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Jersey Mike’s Subs?

Emotional support animals provide companionship and emotional stability to people with mental or emotional disorders. The Americans With Disabilities Act does not consider emotional support animals to be service animals, so restaurants like Jersey Mike’s Subs can refuse entry to them. Even though most restaurants do not allow emotional support animals, you can still enjoy your meal outside the restaurant.

Why Does  Jersey Mike’s Subs Have a No-Pets Policy?

Jersey Mike’s Subs does not allow pets in its stores. This policy helps the company follow federal and state laws, as well as the regulations of the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act).

Pets are not allowed in food preparation areas because they could contaminate the food. They also might disturb other customers who have allergies or who are afraid of animals. Lastly, having a no-pets policy helps Jersey Mike’s provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of its customers.

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What are the deals at Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants?

Jersey Mike’s Subs is a sandwich restaurant chain that offers a variety of hot and cold subs. Special deals at Jersey Mike’s Subs may vary by location and time of year, but here are some examples of deals that are often available:

  • Sub of the Day: Jersey Mike’s may offer a discounted price on a featured sub of the day.
  • Rewards program: Jersey Mike’s has a rewards program called “MyMike’s” that allows customers to earn points for their purchases and redeem them for free menu items.
  • Coupon deals: Jersey Mike’s may offer coupons for discounted prices on menu items or free items with purchase.
  • Catering deals: Jersey Mike’s may offer catering deals for large groups or events.
  • Online ordering deals: Jersey Mike’s may offer discounts for online or app orders.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local Jersey Mike’s Subs or visit their website to see what deals are currently available.


Are  Jersey Mike’s Subs safe for dogs? What can my dog eat at  Jersey Mike’s Subs?

Dog owners may rest confident that their dogs will be able to enjoy meals from Jersey Mike’s Subs. Chicken breast or grilled meat are always available. Onions, garlic, and spices should not be offered to your dog as food, however. The new turkey breast meat is 99% fat-free and comes from turkeys that are vegetarian fed, according on the company.

The meat is also cholesterol-free and contains no nitrates, hormones, or preservatives. As a result, we can confidently state that Jersey Mike’s Subs foods are safe for dogs (and people too).

Does Jersey Mike’s give you a free sub on your birthday? How do you get a free sub from Jersey Mike’s?

To get special offers from the restaurant, you must join the Jersey Mike’s Subs Club and sign up for their Email Club newsletter. You can also get a free drink with a sub on your birthday, as well as stay informed about all of the unique offers available only to Jersey Mike’s Subs Club members if you do.

Can I take my dog to  Jersey Mike’s Subs to pick up my order?

Yes, of course, you may always take your dog with you to pick up your order at Jersey Mike’s Subs. However, before entering the restaurant, you must leave your canine companion outside. In restaurants owned by Jersey Mike’s Subs, dogs are not permitted beyond service animals.

Can I take my dog in  Jersey Mike’s Subs?

Customers are welcome with their dogs on Jersey Mike’s Subs’ outside patios, but they are not permitted inside its restaurants. 

Can I bring small dogs to  Jersey Mike’s Subs?

Due to the FDA and state legislation, which prohibits only service dogs inside, Jersey Mike’s Subs is unable to serve non-service small dogs. If you want to bring your small dog on the Jersey Mike’s Subs patio, go right ahead.

Conclusion. Are Dogs Allowed In Jersey Mike’s Subs?

To sum it up, dogs are always welcome at Jersey Mike’s Subs restaurants. They often have outdoor dining areas specifically for dog-owners and their furry friends, plus a subset of menu items that are perfect for pups. And to sweeten the deal – by chowing down at Jersey Mike’s with your pup, you’re also contributing to the restaurant’s charitable efforts!

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