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Does Panera Bread Allow Dogs Inside? Is Panera Bread Pet Friendly? Pet Policy 2023 Guide

Does Panera Bread Allow Dogs Inside? According to Panera Bread’s official Facebook, service dogs are the only type of dog that are allowed inside the restaurant. Regular pet dogs and emotional support animals are allowed on the outdoor terraces.

Does Panera Bread Allow Dogs

The company also has a “Free Bagels for Dogs” event on The Dog Day. For more information on the Panera Bread pet policy and Panera Bread secret menu continue reading below.

Is Panera Bread dog-friendly?

The answer to the question “are Panera Bread restaurant chain dog friendly?” – Yes. Yes, Panera Bread is dog-friendly restaurants. And that’s because Panera Bread restaurants allow you to bring your dogs into outdoor seating areas.

It is the outdoor patios that are the dog friendly place to eat. When dining at outdoor tables in the Panera Bread restaurant chain, dog owners not only get bowls of water for their pets but also a Panera Bread secret dog menu.

Does Panera Bread Allow Dogs Inside?

It’s important to always remember – no pets are allowed inside the restaurant Panera Bread. In fact, indoor dog friendly restaurants are those where only service dogs are allowed inside, and pets and emotional support animals are welcomed to dog friendly outdoor seating.

Does  Panera Bread have a menu for dogs? 

Panera Bread doesn’t have an official dog menu, but some dog friendly restaurants do have a secret dog menu. What’s inside this Panera Bread dog menu and how do I get it? The secret dog menu is a cup filled with whipped cream that any dog would love to eat. To find out if your local restaurant Panera Bread offers this dog dish, you need to ask.

What are  Panera Bread Secret Menu For Dog Owners?

Panera Bread is a restaurant that is known for its healthy and fresh food options. Some time ago they launched a new menu item called the power bowl. This was a high protein and low carb meal option that was not posted on the menu boards. Instead, it was part of a “secret menu” that employees knew about but customers had to ask for. 

The power bowl is still available at Panera today. To order it, you have to ask the cashier for the “hidden menu.” The staff will then take care of your order. 

The power bowl is a great option if you’re looking for a healthy and filling meal. It’s made with fresh ingredients and is packed with protein and fiber. Choose the power bowl next time you visit Panera and enjoy a satisfying meal.

What is on the Panera Bread Secret Menu?

  1. Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl With Roasted Turkey
  2. Power Breakfast Egg Bowl With Steak
  3. Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad
  4. Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad
  5. Power Chicken Hummus Bowl
  6. Power Steak Lettuce Wraps

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What Is the Official  Panera Bread Dog Policy

Panera Bread’s official pet policy is that according to the ADA, only service dogs may be allowed inside restaurants. At the same time, pets and emotional support animals are not allowed inside the restaurant, but are allowed in outdoor dining areas, including outdoor terraces and patios. 

There are quite a few people who try to bring their dogs into the restaurant under the guise of service animals. Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to perform work or tasks for people with disabilities.

These tasks may include guiding blind people, alerting deaf people, moving a wheelchair, providing emotional support, and more. 

A non-service dog can easily be distinguished from a service dog. The main difference will be the difference in animal behavior, which restaurant employees are usually aware of. If cheating is detected, such an animal will be immediately removed from the restaurant.

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Panera Bread Rules for Dogs on Outdoor Patios

Not all restaurants allow dogs on their outdoor patios, but Panera Bread is one exception. As long as your dog is well-behaved and does not disturb other diners, you are welcome to bring them with you.

When entering the patio through the exterior door, the dog must go directly to the designated area. Always keep your dog on a leash while on the patio, and remember that you are responsible for cleaning up any messes they make. Dogs are not allowed to sit or stand on chairs or furniture. 

Restaurants that allow dogs must meet the following requirements:

  • A barrier must be in place to keep dogs away from passersby;
  • Rules for keeping dogs outdoors must be indicated at the entrance. 

Just be sure to call ahead and confirm that pets are allowed before your visit.

What Are The Service Dog Rules At  Panera Bread?

Keep the following in mind when bringing your service dog into Panera Bread: Service dogs must always be leashed or kept under control, and they’re not allowed on furniture or in the play area. If there’s any messes, please clean them up.

Employees may ask customers to take their service animal outside if it’s causing a disturbance but will help finish the purchase as needed.

Does  Panera Bread Dog Policy Vary By Location?

Depending on the state, Panera Bread has different dog policies. The states that have legislation allowing non-service dogs on patios are California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina

Service animals are always welcome, but in this 17 states, non-service dogs are allowed on outdoor patios as long as they are not a nuisance or threat to the public. Also in these states, a dog cannot be on the patio if it is a nuisance or poses a threat to others.

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Why Does  Panera Bread Have a No-Pets Policy?

The no-pets policy at Panera Bread is in place for the safety and well-being of both employees and customers. This policy is necessary to comply with all federal and state regulations, including the FDA ((Food & Drug Administration) and ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act).

The health and safety concerns of guests are paramount to Panera Bread.

Panera Bread Is Celebrating National Dog Day  

Panera Bread, which is mostly known for its broad selection of meals for humans, appears to have a special place in its heart for canines. To commemorate National Dog Day, the company changed its Twitter profile to “Pawnera Bread.”

Two dogs were chosen as ambassadors: Bagel, the brand’s usual dog, and Ollie, his furry friend who was also wearing a baseball cap with the Panera logo. On Twitter, Pawnera announced that Bagel, an adorable dog, would be taking over the account for a day on August 26th in honor of National Dog Day.

On that day, all of the Panera Bread restaurant chain’s furry four-legged customers can get their free bagel (in addition to the secret dog menu)

Reviews On Social Media About Panera Bread Pet Policy

Not all customers of the dog-friendly restaurant chain Panera Bread are happy with the current pet policy. We managed to find some negative reviews about animals being allowed on the outdoor terraces and patios of Panera Bread restaurants. Here they are:

” On Thursday, August 13, I saw a couple with a pet on a leash by the front entrance on the patio and they were sitting at a table. I mentioned to the manager, Trebie (? spelling) that there was a dog on the patio.

He said his district manager told him they are not allowed to tell people they cannot have a dog on the patio. Well, excuse me.. I filled out a customer service form on Panera’s web site but have not heard from them.

On Sunday, August 16 I came again to the Panera’s and on the patio was a man doing a puzzle, drinking coffee and his dog was in his lap. I also observed the dog put his paws on the table from my inside table right next to them.

Once he left his dog, that was also not on a leash, while he walked to his vehicle and then returned and put the dog back up on his lap and paws on the table. I asked if the tables are cleaned after people use them and the female manger behind the food pickup counter said if they needed it.

I said there is one outside on the patio that will need it because a dog was on the table. I don’t think I was getting through to her and gave up and left. Dogs have their places but so do people who care about cleanliness and rules.

If Panera’s isn’t going to enforce it, take off the signs and apply for the permit like they should. “

“Panera is a great place to go to, but I think their animal policy is too loosey-goosey. While we all must respect the fact that the law allows service animals, and sometimes also emotional support animals, (if properly restrained), I must object to dogs on a leash only, especially where food is served.

Besides, my wife is terrified if a dog, of any size, heads in her direction. This means that, if indeed the Panera policy is to allow pet dogs to accompany their owners, in the future we will, regretfully, only use their take-out.

As you can see, not everyone is happy with the fact that dogs are allowed in outdoor dining areas in Panera Bread

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Panera Bread?

Emotional support dogs give comfort and assistance to persons with emotional or mental difficulties. They are not dealt with specifically by the Americans With Disabilities Act, which implies that businesses like  Panera Bread are free to deny them entrance.

Not many restaurants do allow emotional support dogs, but  Panera Bread still allows you to dine at their outside patio if you take it out or in.

Are All Service Animals Allowed In  Panera Bread?

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all service dogs are welcome at  Panera Bread restaurants. Employees may only inquire about the dog’s status as a service animal and what duties it has been trained to perform. It is not necessary to have documentation for the service dog.

Can dogs have Panera Bread?

While it is not recommended to feed dogs human food, small amounts of Panera Bread are not necessarily toxic to dogs. However, it is important to keep in mind that many human foods, including bread, contain ingredients that may not be suitable for dogs and could cause gastrointestinal upset or other health issues.

Additionally, certain Panera Bread items, such as those with chocolate or onions, can be toxic to dogs and should be avoided entirely. It is always best to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new foods into your dog’s diet to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for their individual needs.


Are  Panera Bread safe for dogs?

Dogs can eat food from restaurant Panera Bread menus because they lack the preservatives and dyes which are harmful to dogs. However, do not give onions, garlic, or spices to dogs in their dishes.

What can my dog eat at  Panera Bread?

Panera Bread can prepare a special menu for your dog, with no added garnishes or spices. The food in all restaurant chains is healthy food, not harmful to dogs or humans.

Can I take my dog to  Panera Bread to pick up my order?

Panera Bread will allow you to bring your dog as long as it stays outside on the patio and is on a leash. The only exception to this rule are service animals, which are allowed inside the restaurant.

Can I take my dog in  Panera Bread?

For the safety of both our customers and animals, dogs are only allowed on the outdoor patio at Panera Bread and must be leashed. Service animals are the exception to this rule and are allowed inside the restaurant.

Can I bring small dogs to  Panera Bread?

Unfortunately, as much as we adore our pets, only service dogs are permitted indoors under the FDA and state law. You’re welcome to dine with your dog on the outdoor patio at Panera Bread.

Conclusion. Are Dogs Allowed In  Panera Bread?

Panera Bread allowed all kinds of emotion support animals and pet dogs on their outdoor patios. As for indoor seating, only service dogs are allowed inside the restaurants.

So if you’re ever looking for a place to dine with your furry friend make sure to stop by Panera Bread during one of their special events like National Dog Day where your pup can snag a free bagel!

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