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Does Joe’s Crab Shack Allow Dogs Inside? Is Joe’s Crab Shack Pet Friendly? Pet Policy 2023 Guide

Does Joe’s Crab Shack Allow Dogs? Short answer: Joe’s Crab Shack allows service animals inside, while emotional support animals and pet dogs are only allowed on designated outdoor patios and terraces.

This allows Joe’s Crab Shack to comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations while also allowing customers to bring their dogs with them on their visit.

Joe's Crab Shack

Joe’s Crab Shack is a popular American restaurant chain known for its delicious whole crab that will serve in a bucket. Customers are encouraged to break it apart and eat it with their bare hands, making for a fun and messy dining experience.

Does Joe’s Crab Shack Allow Dogs?

But does Joe’s Crab Shack allow dogs in its restaurants? Although dogs are not allowed inside Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants, some customers may not know this. Service animals are always allowed and sometimes pet dogs are allowed on the Joe’s Crab Shack outdoor patios.

To learn more about Joe’s Crab Shack and why not all of its food is not worth trying, read on.

Is Joe’s Crab Shack dog-friendly?

No, Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants aren’t always dog-friendly. The same restaurant might now allow a non-service dog on the outside patio, but other times, pet dogs and emotional support dogs will not be allowed.

So, what influences whether or not your local restaurant Joe’s Crab Shack allows dogs? It is based on the staff’s decision at that precise moment in time at the restaurant. Here’s what one of Joe’s Crab Shack’s former customers had to say about it:

Not dog friendly as advertised. We went there a few weeks ago and no problem with seating us and Luna our mastiff. That time just the service was slow, and food only mediocre, but staff that time was friendly.

New Years eve night we went at about 7:30 , as it is in walking distance and wanted to get outside for the evening. Went to the hostess station after waiting maybe 5 minutes and requested a outside seating for my wife, grandson and me with Luna also.

Was rather rudely advised dogs were not allowed unless service animals per Landry’s, {Parent Company } policy change. So either they are no longer dog friendly or the staff is lying.

Either way we will not go there again, and with every opportunity will advise against there establishment. Was only mediocre food and atmosphere at best before the rudeness. “

What Is the Official  Joe’s Crab Shack Dog Policy

Joe’s Crab Shack does not have any information about their pet policy on their official website. However, according to the Food and Drug Administration, food service establishments are not allowed to let dogs inside except forservice animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This means that only Service Animals are allowed in places such as restaurants.

What is the pet policy on Joe’s Crab Shack outdoor patios and restaurant terraces?

It’s always illegal to bring your dogs inside restaurants, as we’ve previously stated. However, when we’re talking about outdoor restaurant terraces and patios, things change. Pet dogs and emotional support animals can now be taken into establishments in the 17 states that have passed laws permitting it.

In other words, if there is outdoor seating at the eatery, you may theoretically take your dog inside with you. But with Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants, the issue is not black and white. Each Joe’s Crab Shack restaurant has its own dog policy that you should check before going to avoid any surprises.

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What states allow dogs on outdoor patios?

The states where legislation allowing non-service dogs on patios exists are: California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina

The states above generally allow non-service dogs on outdoor patios unless they are a public disturbance or threat. Restaurants have the right to discretion when it comes to allowing dogs on their patio. If, for example, a dog is excessively barking and causing issues, the restaurant may ask the owner to leave.

However, if a dog is being aggressive or is scaring other customers, then that restaurant has the authority to not let them enter. Service animals are allowed both inside and outside of restaurants.

Does Joe’s Crab Shack Dog Policy Vary By Location?

The pet policy at Joe’s Crab Shack may differ between locations. Typically, dogs are allowed on the patio at some Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants; however, some restaurants have the power to change this rule as they see fit.

If that occurs, then pets will not be allowed on any of the outdoor patios either. The regulations for service animals are always the same – they’re the law.

It’s best to call ahead before bringing your pet to Joe’s Crab Shack to ensure you’re following the appropriate regulations for that establishment.

Joe’s Crab Shack Rules for Dogs on Outdoor Patios

On the patio of Joe’s Crab Shack, well-behaved dogs on a leash are permitted as long as they do not interfere with other guests. Owners must clean up any messes their pets make and keep them from reclining or standing on tables or furniture.

Before arriving to the restaurant with your dog, please call in advance and confirm that they allow pets. To maintain a safe environment for both dogs and pedestrians, restaurants usually have a barrier set up near the entrance of the building which keeps dogs away from people walking by.

Rules for keeping dogs outside will be posted in front of the restaurant entrance.

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What to Avoid at Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe’s Crab Shack may not be the best place to eat if you’re worried about trans fat. The restaurant was caught using the artificial ingredient, despite vowing to stop cooking with it. 

Trans fat has been linked to health problems such as heart disease and premature death, so it’s best to avoid dishes that may contain it. This includes Joe’s Pasta-laya, crab cake dinner and steam pots. 

If you’re not sure if a dish contains trans fat, ask your server or check the restaurant’s nutritional info (if available). It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

Does Joe’s Crab Shack have a menu for dogs? 

Joe’s Crab Shack doesn’t have an official dog menu, but there are some dishes on the regular menu that you can offer your dog. For example, Chicken Dippers from the kids’ menu are crispy chicken cutlets with a side (instead of grilled chicken- a healthier option for dogs).

Service Animals are What?

A service animal is a dog that has been individually trained to help people with disabilities. The tasks or work that a service animal performs for a handler must be related to the handler’s disability. Service animals are not pets–they are working animals.

Are All Service Animals Allowed In  Joe’s Crab Shack?

Joe’s Crab Shack adheres to the Americans With Disabilities Act by welcoming all service dogs. their staff is only allowed to inquire about a service dog’s status and what tasks it has been trained to perform – no documentation is required.

What Are The Service Dog Rules At  Joe’s Crab Shack?

Service dogs are allowed in Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants, including all indoor and outdoor public areas. They must be leashed or controlled at all times and are not allowed on furniture or in the play area. If a customer’s service dog is creating a fuss, staff may request that it be taken outside.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Joe’s Crab Shack?

Emotional support animals are beneficial to those with emotional or mental disorders by giving comfort and help. The Americans With Disabilities Act doesn’t cover emotional support animals, so companies like Joe’s Crab Shack can deny them entry into the restaurant.

Even though a lot of restaurants don’t allow for emotional support pets, if you take it outside, Joe’s Crab Shack will let you dine al fresco.

Why Does  Joe’s Crab Shack Have a No-Pets Policy?

Joe’s Crab Shack has a no-pets policy in place. This regulation not only aids Joe’s Crab Shack in remaining compliant with all federal and state laws, but it also helps the company remain compliant with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act).

Why did Joe’s Crab Shack close in Illinois?

Joe’s Crab Shack is a seafood restaurant chain that has had multiple locations throughout the United States, including in Illinois. In August 2017, all of the Joe’s Crab Shack locations in Illinois closed abruptly, along with several other locations across the country.

The reason for the sudden closures was due to the parent company of Joe’s Crab Shack, Ignite Restaurant Group, filing for bankruptcy. Ignite Restaurant Group had been struggling financially for some time due to declining sales and increasing competition in the restaurant industry. The bankruptcy filing and subsequent closures were an effort to restructure the company’s finances and focus on its more profitable locations.

It’s important to note that this information is based on news reports from 2017, and the situation may have changed since then. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there have been no reports of Joe’s Crab Shack reopening any locations in Illinois.


Are  Joe’s Crab Shack safe for dogs? What can my dog eat at  Joe’s Crab Shack?

Dog owners can always rest assured that their furry friends can enjoy a meal from Joe’s Crab Shack. You can always order chicken breast or grilled meat. However, it is important not to offer your dog onions, garlic or spices in the food.

Can I take my dog to  Joe’s Crab Shack to pick up my order?

Of course, you can always bring your dog with you to pick up your order at Joe’s Crab Shack. However, you will have to leave your furry friend outside before entering the restaurant. All dogs, with the exception of service animals, are not allowed inside Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants.

Can I take my dog in  Joe’s Crab Shack?

Customers are welcome to bring their dogs onto Joe’s Crab Shack’s outside patios, but not inside its restaurants.

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Can I bring small dogs to  Joe’s Crab Shack?

Joe’s Crab Shack is unable to serve non-service small dogs due to the FDA and state legislation, which allows only service dogs indoors. Bring your small dog on the Joe’s Crab Shack patio if you wish.

Conclusion. Are Dogs Allowed In Joe’s Crab Shack?

In conclusion, Joe’s Crab Shack is not always a pet-friendly restaurant, but dogs are often welcome on the outdoor patio. It is important to remember that dogs are not allowed in restaurants due to FDA and state law. Service animals are always welcome at Joe’s Crab Shack restaurants.

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