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Does Johnny Rockets Allow Dogs Inside? Is Johnny Rockets Pet Friendly? Pet Policy 2023 Guide

Taking your dog with you everywhere is a popular pastime for many pet owners. Unfortunately, not all companies are as friendly to pets as others.

So, if you’re going to Johnny Rockets for lunch, you might be wondering “Does Johnny Rockets allow dogs inside?” The answer: yes, you can take your dog to the restaurant Johnny Rockets, but if your dog not a service dog, you can only dine together on outdoor terraces and patios.

Does Johnny Rockets Allow Dogs

Does Johnny Rockets Allow Dogs Inside?

Johnny Rockets allow only service dogs inside the restaurants; regular pet dogs and emotional support animals are always welcome on the outdoor terraces.

Keep reading to learn all the details about the Johnny Rockets pet policy and the Johnny Rockets secret dog menu.

Is Johnny Rockets Dog Friendly?

The answer to the question “are Johnny Rockets restaurant chain dog-friendly?” is both yes and no.  

Johnny Rockets is one of the most iconic American fast food restaurant chains. The 50s-themed eatery opened its doors in 1989 in Los Angeles, and has since grown into a national franchise with over 300 locations in 2022.

Many restaurants on this list allow dog owners to bring their pets with them. But the admittance, like most of the other restaurant chains, is restricted to outside sitting areas. No public catering facility can’t let animals inside, but they can let them outside on outdoor patios where Johnny Rockets offer water bowls and a secret menu for dogs.

What is a Johnny Rockets dog menu?

Does Johnny Rockets have a pet-friendly menu?  Johnny Rockets does not have an official dog menu, but some locations offer a plain hamburger patty called the Dog Burger. To find out if your local Johnny Rockets offers this dish for dogs, you’ll need to ask.

If they do not have an official pet menu, there is no sure way of knowing which locations might be willing to treat your furry friend. However, options like hamburgers, ice cream, cupcakes, and carob ruffles are typically safe for dogs to eat.

So if your pup is feeling adventurous, they may enjoy exploring the Johnny Rockets menu just like you do!

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Gourmet Treats To Dogs In Inland of Southern California

At the Johnny Rockets in Victoria Gardens of Southern California, you can get your dog gourmet treats from the local dog bakery Three Dog Bakery. This duo has created the ultimate menu with 20 items your puppy will adore, including a doggy “hamburger,” “lickety split ice cream,” “pupcakes,” and carob “ruffles.”

Rocky Keever, a Los Angeles area franchisee for Three Dog Bakery, said he will supply about 20 different items for Johnny Rockets’ dog menu made from healthy ingredients such as honey and carob and unsweetened apple sauce, including some that were custom-designed for the business.

So next time you’re at Johnny Rockets, be sure to bring your pup along for a real treat!

What Is the Official Johnny Rockets Dog Policy

The official policy of Johnny Rockets regarding pets is that they are not allowed inside the restaurant, with the exception of service animals in accordance with the ADA. This means that any dog that is a service animal must be allowed inside, regardless of whether or not they have a visible identification card.

Dogs may be outdoors in the dining area, but they always have to follow certain rules: being on a leash, not sitting or standing on chairs or furniture, being well-behaved, not disturbing other diners or asking for food. Also, their owners are responsible for cleaning any messes left by their pets.

Many people forget that not all restaurants are pet-friendly, including when it comes to outdoor seating. This is usually due to the fact that many restaurants are franchised, and the managers have the power to change the general rules regarding pets.

Therefore, if you plan to bring your dog with you, it’s always best to call ahead and check to see if dogs are allowed in the restaurant.

Johnny Rockets Rules for Dogs on Outdoor Patios

In some jurisdictions, dogs are allowed on outdoor patios as long as the business and owner follow a set of regulations. In New York City, for example, you must have a leash and be under physical control of a person at least 18 years old with the dog. There are no leash laws in some state in the United States.

Although the laws regulating how to keep dogs vary from one state to the next, there are several major categories that apply to all jurisdictions, including:

  • When coming into the patio from an outside entrance, the dog should go straight there; 
  • There should be some type of barrier set up to keep them away from passers-by;
  •  Outdoor space restrictions regarding dogs should be posted at said outdoor entrance;
  • When you bring your dog to the outside part of the restaurant, you must always keep it under control.

What Are The Service Dog Rules At Johnny Rockets?

Johnny Rockets is happy to accommodate service dogs, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • First, the service dogs must be kept on a leash or otherwise under control at all times;
  • Second, service dogs are not allowed on furniture or in the play area;
  • Finally, customers should clean up any messes their service dog may make. 

If a service dog is causing a disturbance, Johnny Rockets employees may ask the customer to take the animal outside. Employees will also provide assistance as needed to help the customer finish their purchase.

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Does Johnny Rockets Dog Policy Vary By Location?

The dog policies at Johnny Rockets differ depending on the state in which the restaurant is located. All Johnny Rockets restaurants allow service animals inside, but only 17 jurisdictions have passed legislation to enable non-service dogs on outdoor patios with their owners.

The states that have legislation about the dogs in the terrace in place are California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

These states have laws that state that a dog cannot be on the terrace if it is a nuisance or poses a threat to the public. 

Why Dogs Are Not Allowed In The Johnny Rockets?

Johnny Rockets has a policy prohibiting pets inside its restaurants because the safety and well-being of guests is always a top priority. Pets can pose a health and safety risk to guests, so Johnny Rockets complies with all federal and state regulations, including the FDA ((Food & Drug Administration) and ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act), in order to ensure the safety of its guests.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Johnny Rockets?

Emotional support dogs provide comfort and support to people with emotional or mental disabilities. They are not specifically covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which means that restaurants like Johnny Rockets are not obligated to allow them inside.

However, many restaurants do allow emotional support dogs, and Johnny Rockets still allows you to take out or dine at their outside patio.

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Are All Service Animals Allowed In Johnny Rockets?

All service animals are allowed in Johnny Rockets restaurants in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employees are only allowed to ask if the dog is a service animal and what work or task it has been trained to perform. Documentation for the dog is not required.


Are Johnny Rockets safe for dogs?

Dogs shouldn’t eat Johnny Rockets food because it contains onions, which can be harmful to them. Additionally, the salt content and rich sauces present in Burger King’s food might make your dog issues to its stomach.

What can my dog eat at Johnny Rockets?

You can always ask to make a hamburger patty for your dog that doesn’t have condiments and spices. It is not recommended to feed your dog food from the regular menu.

Does Johnny Rockets have puppy patties?

If you dine in one of Johnny Rockets’ outdoor patio areas, you can order a burger patty and water for your doggy companion. The Southern California Victoria Gardens location even offers a 20-item menu for pooches that features items such as Lickety Split Ice Cream and Pupcakes!

Does Johnny Rockets have a dog menu?

Yes, many Johnny Rockets restaurants have menus for dogs. But it’s secret and you should always ask the staff what’s on the dog menu at their restaurant. However, a bowl of water is guaranteed for your dog.

Can I take my dog to Johnny Rockets to pick up my order?

Johnny Rockets is one of the many restaurants that welcome customers to bring their dogs with them- as long as the dog stays on the outdoor patio and is leashed. The policy exists for both customer and animal safety. Service animals are exception to this rule and are allowed inside the restaurant.

Can I take my dog in Johnny Rockets?

With the exception of service dogs, restaurants like Johnny Rockets have a rule prohibiting pets.

Can I bring small dogs to Johnny Rockets?

Sadly, as much as we love our furry friends, only service dogs are allowed indoors according to FDA and state law. However, your pup is still more than welcome to dine with you on our outdoor patio.

Conclusion. Are Dogs Allowed In Johnny Rockets?

So, are dogs allowed in Johnny Rockets? The answer is yes, but with some caveats. Service animals are always welcome inside the restaurant, while non-service dogs are allowed on the patio as long as they’re leashed.

And for dog owners who find themselves hungry for something special, there’s always the secret dog menu featuring items like doggie hamburgers, ice cream, and even pupcakes.

Have you tried out Johnny Rockets’ dog policy yet? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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