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Does Sonic Drive-In Allow Dogs Inside? Is Sonic Drive-In Pet Friendly? Pet Policy

Does Sonic Drive-In allow dogs? Short answer: No, Sonic Drive-In does not allow dogs inside the restaurant, and not all outdoor patios and terraces may allow dogs. The pet policy varies from restaurant to restaurant.

But what remains the same for all restaurants is that, in the standard Sonic Drive-In, the customer pulls into a covered booth, orders through an intercom, and his food is delivered by a bellhop. This means every pet dog owner can have lunch with their dog right in the car (because the restaurant also has dog treats).

Does Sonic Drive-In Allow Dogs
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Read on to learn more about Sonic Drive-In’s pet policy and how to make dining out with your dog as painless as possible.

Is Sonic Drive-In Dog Friendly?

The answer to this question will depend on each individual restaurant. Not all restaurants have an outside dining area where pets and their owners are allowed. In any case, each dog that comes with its owner to order will receive its own secret menu.

The secret menu for dogs at the restaurant consists of:

  • The Sonic Pup Cup is a delicious combination of either whipped cream or vanilla soft serve ice cream – perfect for any pup (or human);
  • Doggie Treats – Depending on the location.

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Are Dogs Allowed In Sonic Drive-In?

So, are dogs allowed in Sonic Drive-In? At Sonic Drive-In, most locations allow dogs in the outdoor seating area or patio. However, it is best to call and speak with a manager beforehand to ensure that the particular location you plan to visit is pet-friendly.

Service dogs are always allowed in Sonic Drive-Ins as per the Americans with Disabilities Act which defines service animals as those that have been trained to help people with disabilities. As long as service animals are well behaved and do not cause any problems for other customers, they are welcome inside Sonic Drive-In restaurants.

What Is the Official Sonic Drive-In Dog Policy

Sonic Drive-In’s official pet policy is that dogs are allowed to join their owners for dinner in the following instances:

  • When you drive through a restaurant with a food pickup window;
  • When you dine on the patio or outdoor terrace;
  • When your order is delivered by a carhop on rollers right to your car.

In all other cases, only service dogs are allowed, as required by law by the ADA.

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Why Dogs Are Not Allowed In The Sonic Drive-In?

The reason that Sonic Drive-In does not allow dogs in their restaurants is because of the The Food and Drug Administration regulations and state health codes. FDA prohibit animals from being inside of a restaurant, with the exception of service animals who are allowed to accompany their owners. The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that service animals must be kept under control and not allowed to come into contact with food.  

Does Sonic Drive-In Dog Policy Vary By Location?

The Sonic Drive-In website does not mention any specific policies for dogs, but it does mention that all service dogs are allowed inside. Non-service dogs are only allowed outside on terraces in 17 states. The states that have legislation allowing dogs on outdoor patios with their owners are California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina.

There are a few reasons why Sonic may have this policy. First of all, many people feel very comfortable around dogs and enjoy being able to pet them while they are eating. Allowing dogs on the patio allows people to do this without having to leave the restaurant. Additionally, many people believe that dogs can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. This could be beneficial for people who are eating at Sonic Drive-In because it may help them to relax and enjoy their food more.

Sonic Drive-In Rules for Dogs on Outdoor Patios

The Sonic Drive-In rules for dogs on outdoor patios state that the dog must remain on the patio and that both the Sonic Drive-In and owner must adhere to a set of regulations. These regulations differ by state, but can include things such as having the dog go straight to the patio when coming in from an outdoor entrance, having some form of fencing to keep the dog away from people who are just walking by, and posting the rules about having dogs in general in the outdoor space.

When you do have your dog with you in the outside part of the restaurant, you must always maintain control over it.

Are All Service Animals Allowed In Sonic Drive-In?

Service animals are allowed in Sonic Drive-In restaurants. They are allowed to accompany their owners into the restaurant and sit with them at their table. The animal must be well-behaved and not cause a safety hazard. If the animal is misbehaving or causing a disturbance, the employees have the right to ask it to leave.

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What Are The Service Dog Rules At Sonic Drive-In?

At Sonic Drive-In, service dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash at all times and are not allowed on the furniture or in the play area. Customers must be clean up any messes their service dog may make.

Sonic Drive-In has the right to ask customers to remove their dogs from the premises if they are causing a disturbance. This could mean that the dog is barking excessively and disrupting other customers, or that it is being disruptive in some other way (such as running around or jumping on people).

If needed, employees will give shoppers a helper to finish up their purchases. This simply means that the employees will either help the customer to leave with their food or take the food to their car so that they can leave.

Does Sonic Drive-In Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Dog? Do You Need To Show Service Dog Documents In Sonic Drive-In?

The ADA states that in situations where it is not obvious that the dog is a service animal, staff may ask only two specific questions. These questions are:

  1. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Staff are not allowed to request any documentation for the dog, require that the dog demonstrate its task, or inquire about the nature of the person’s disability.

Are Emotional Support Animals Considered Service Animals Under the ADA?

The ADA states that emotional support animals are not considered service animals. Service animals are animals that have been specifically trained to do a job or task for their owner. This can include things such as guiding people who are visually impaired, alerting people who are deaf to sounds, or providing support for people with disabilities.

Emotional support animals provide comfort to their owners just by being with them, and they do not have any specific training. Some state or local governments have laws that allow people to take emotional support animals into public places, but the ADA does not recognize them as service animals.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Sonic Drive-In?

The Sonic Drive-In does not allow emotional support dogs in its restaurants because they are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA is a federal law that protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination and ensures that they have equal access to public accommodations. 

This means that businesses like Sonic Drive-In must make reasonable modifications to their policies and procedures to accommodate individuals with disabilities. However, emotional support dogs are not specifically recognized under the ADA, so they are not automatically entitled to these accommodations.

While this rule is intended to avoid potential legal difficulties, it may also prevent individuals who truly require an emotional support dog from receiving assistance. 

For example, if an individual has a panic attack at a restaurant, their emotional support dog can provide crucial assistance by calming them down and helping them to feel safe. By prohibiting emotional support dogs from entering restaurants, Sonic Drive-In may be preventing these individuals from accessing the help that they need.

What can you get for your dog at Sonic?

At Sonic, you can order a “Pup Cup” which is a small cup of vanilla soft serve ice cream for dogs. You can also order a plain grilled hot dog, which is a safe option for dogs as long as it does not contain any toppings that are harmful to them, such as onions or garlic. Additionally, some Sonic locations may offer special menu items for dogs, so it’s worth asking the staff if they have any options available.


Can dogs go to Sonic?

Sonic Drive-In is a dog friendly restaurant, although guidelines may differ per location. If you’re driving in, your dogs are permitted to stay with you in the car. However, if you want to bring them on the patio area, it’s best to ask staff beforehand as rules vary. Also of note: some Sonic locations offer a small cup of vanilla ice cream for doggy customers!

Can dogs eat Sonic burger?

Sonic burgers are not recommended for dogs, as they are high in fat and may contain ingredients that can be harmful to dogs, such as onions and garlic.

Can dogs eat Sonic slush?

Sonic slushes are not toxic to dogs, but they are high in sugar and can cause digestive issues such as diarrhea or vomiting if consumed in large quantities. It is best to avoid giving slushes to your dog.

Can dogs eat Sonic fries?

Sonic fries are not toxic to dogs, but they are high in salt and can cause gastrointestinal upset if consumed in excess. It is okay to give your dog a few fries as an occasional treat, but it’s best to avoid making them a regular part of your dog’s diet.

Does Sonic do anything for dogs?

It never hurts to ask! letting your Sonic server know that you have a pup with you might just score you some free doggy treats.

Does Sonic serve pup cups?

Sonic Pup cup – it can either be a cup of whipped cream or soft serve vanilla ice cream, which depends on each restaurant.

Does Sonic have a secret menu for dogs?

Sonic Drive-In offers doggie treats for customers who have their pets with them. The doggie treats are usually given to customers when they’re eating outside at the Sonic Drive-In dining area. The doggie treats are small, square-shaped snacks that are designed to be eaten by dogs.

Is Sonic ice cream OK for dogs?

It can be tempting to give your dog a taste of your ice cream, but it’s best to avoid doing so.

Can dogs have Sonic mozzarella sticks?

Mozzarella sticks can be a great snack for your dog, as they are high in protein and low in fat. However, you should always check the ingredients to ensure that there is no added salt or sugar, which could be harmful to your dog. Additionally, make sure that the mozzarella is not stuffed with anything that could be dangerous for your dog to eat, such as garlic or onions.

Can dogs eat Sonic tater tots?

Yes, of course dogs can eat Sonic tater tots! In fact, they probably enjoy them just as much as we do. Just make sure to remove the salt before giving them any, as too much salt is not good for dogs. Other than that, dig in and enjoy those tots with your furry friend!

Is Sonic vanilla ice cream safe for dogs?

If you are looking for a safe ice cream flavor to share with your dog, vanilla is a good option. However, it is important to note that vanilla ice cream is high in sugar, so it is not a healthy option for dogs. This is because most dogs are not able to process sugar properly and it can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

How To Identify a Fake Service Dog

There are a few signs that a dog is not a service animal, such as stealing food, jumping at people, or acting aggressively. If a dog is doing any of these things, it is probably not a service animal.

Can I take my dog to Sonic Drive-In to pick up my order?

Although your furry friend can’t come inside, you are more than welcome to collect your order from Sonic Drive-In. Dog will have to wait outside on the restaurant’s outdoor patio and be leashed. Just service dogs are allowed indoors.

Can you bring your dog into Sonic Drive-In?

Sorry, but dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant unless they are service animals.

Can I bring small dogs to Sonic Drive-In?

Due to the regulations as those enforced by the FDA and state legislation, all dogs are held to the same standards. Non-service dogs are permitted only on outdoor patios.

Conclusion. Are Dogs Allowed In Sonic Drive-In?

Dogs are allowed in Sonic Drive-In restaurants as long as they remain on the outdoor patio and are leashed. Only service animals are allowed inside the restaurant. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of both the dogs and the customers. Small dogs are not exempt from this policy.

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