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Does Designer Brands allow dogs inside? Pet Policy Guide

Yes, Designer Brands allows well-behaved pet dogs and emotional support animals inside their stores, subject to the laws of each state and store manager decisions. This policy may vary depending on individual store locations within the United States. Leash requirements and the owner’s responsibility for cleaning up after their pets are enforced to ensure a positive shopping experience for everyone.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to the pet policy at Designer Brands stores. Whether you’re a dog owner or someone interested in the store’s pet-friendly approach, read on to find out more about the policies, regulations, and considerations when bringing your furry friend along for a shopping trip.

Is Designer Brands Dog Friendly?

Yes, Designer Brands is dog friendly and allows well-behaved pet dogs and emotional support animals to enter specific stores within their chain. The company, formerly known as DSW – Designer Shoe Warehouse, specializes in selling designer and name brand shoes and fashion accessories. With over 500 stores in the United States and an e-commerce website, Designer Brands Inc. offers a wide range of footwear and accessories.

However, it’s important to note that the pet policy is subject to the laws of each state and the decisions of individual store managers. This means that while some Designer Brands stores may welcome dogs, others might have different regulations in place. Generally, if you plan to bring your dog to a Designer Brands store, ensure your pet is well-behaved and follows leash requirements. As a responsible pet owner, you’ll also be expected to clean up after your pet.

Designer Brands is open to accommodating dogs and emotional support animals in select stores, taking into account both legal requirements and store-specific considerations. Remember to inquire about the pet policy at your local Designer Brands store before bringing your furry friend along on your shopping adventure.

What is Designer Brands Official Dog Policy?

Designer Brands’ official dog policy aims to create a welcoming environment for both shoppers and their four-legged companions. While specific policies may vary slightly from location to location, here are the general provisions:

  • Well-behaved domestic dogs are allowed in select Designer Brands stores.
  • Emotional support animals and service animals are permitted as well.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times while inside the store.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.
  • Aggressive or disruptive behavior from dogs will not be tolerated.
  • The final decision regarding dog entry rests with individual store managers.

It’s important to respect the policies set forth by each store location and to ensure that your dog’s behavior aligns with the store’s guidelines. Friendly and well-behaved dogs can enhance the shopping experience for everyone.

Can I bring my dog to Designer Brands?

Yes, you can bring your dog to certain Designer Brands stores, as long as your dog is well-behaved and follows the guidelines set by the store’s pet policy. It’s important to keep your dog on a leash and clean up after them to ensure a positive experience for all shoppers.

Before visiting a Designer Brands store with your dog, consider your pet’s behavior and temperament. If your dog tends to be anxious or aggressive in crowded or unfamiliar environments, it might be best to leave them at home. Remember that individual store managers have the authority to make decisions about allowing dogs, so always be prepared to respect their judgment.

Does Designer Brands Dog Policy Vary Across Location?

Yes, Designer Brands’ dog policy can vary across different store locations. While the general guidelines for allowing well-behaved dogs are consistent, some specific rules and decisions may differ from one store to another. Factors that can influence policy variations include local regulations, store layout, and management preferences.

It’s recommended to check the specific pet policy of the Designer Brands store you plan to visit. You can do this by contacting the store directly or checking their official website. This way, you can ensure that you have accurate information about whether your furry companion is welcome and what guidelines you need to follow during your shopping trip.

Does Designer Brands Allow Service Animals?

Yes, Designer Brands welcomes service animals into their stores as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks for individuals with disabilities, and they are protected by law to accompany their owners in various public places, including retail stores like Designer Brands.

Here’s an example of a real owner’s experience:

“I’m the proud owner of a service dog named Luna, who helps me navigate and perform tasks due to my visual impairment. I’ve been to several Designer Brands stores across different states, and I’ve always been greeted warmly and allowed to shop with Luna by my side. The store staff has been understanding and respectful of Luna’s role as my service companion.”

What are the Laws Regarding Service Animals in USA?

In the USA, service animals are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This federal law ensures that individuals with disabilities have the right to be accompanied by their service animals in places open to the public. The ADA defines a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to perform tasks or do work for the benefit of a person with a disability.

The U.S. Department of Justice oversees ADA compliance, and individuals with disabilities are not required to disclose their specific disability when accompanied by a service animal. No certification or identification is legally required for service animals, and store staff are allowed to ask only two questions to determine if the animal qualifies as a service animal:

  • Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  • What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Are All Service Dogs Allowed in Designer Brands?

Yes, all legitimate service dogs that meet the ADA’s definition are allowed in Designer Brands stores. Whether a service dog assists with mobility, medical alerts, or any other tasks, they are welcome to accompany their owners. It’s important to remember that service dogs are working animals and should not be distracted or disturbed while on duty.

Here’s another example of a real owner’s experience:

“My service dog, Max, has been my constant companion for years. He helps me manage my medical condition and provides crucial support. I’ve shopped at Designer Brands stores across different states, and I’ve never faced any issues. The staff has always been respectful and understanding, allowing Max to assist me while I shop.”

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed in Designer Brands?

Yes, Designer Brands recognizes the importance of emotional support animals and allows them in their stores, provided they adhere to the store’s guidelines. Emotional support animals offer comfort and companionship to individuals with emotional or psychological disabilities. Just like service animals, emotional support animals are protected under the ADA, granting them access to various public places, including Designer Brands stores.

Here’s a real owner’s experience:

“My emotional support dog, Bella, has been a crucial part of managing my anxiety disorder. I’ve shopped at Designer Brands stores in different states, and I’m grateful for the store’s understanding and accommodation. Bella’s presence helps me feel at ease during my shopping trips.”

What is Designer Brands Official Emotional Support Dog Policy?

Designer Brands’ official emotional support dog policy is aligned with the ADA guidelines and aims to provide a supportive environment for individuals with emotional or psychological disabilities. Here are the key provisions of the policy:

  • Emotional support dogs are permitted in select Designer Brands stores.
  • Owners must present valid documentation of their need for an emotional support animal if required by law.
  • Emotional support dogs must be well-behaved and leashed while inside the store.
  • Owners are responsible for the behavior and cleanup of their dogs.
  • Store managers have the discretion to ensure a harmonious shopping experience for all customers.

It’s important to have necessary documentation and adhere to store guidelines when bringing an emotional support dog to Designer Brands.

What are the Laws Regarding Emotional Support Dogs in USA?

The laws regarding emotional support animals fall under the umbrella of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA). While emotional support animals are not considered service animals under the ADA, they are protected under the FHA when it comes to housing accommodations.

It’s important to note that there is no specific federal certification or registration required for emotional support animals. However, if requested by the establishment, individuals might need to provide documentation from a licensed mental health professional stating the need for an emotional support animal.

Both the ADA and FHA ensure that individuals with disabilities have the right to be accompanied by their emotional support animals in public places and housing, respectively.

Dog Products at Designer Brands

While Designer Brands primarily focuses on footwear and accessories for humans, they also offer a limited selection of dog products. These items can make your shopping trip more enjoyable for both you and your furry companion. Some of the dog products you might find at Designer Brands stores include:

  • Dog-friendly travel bags and carriers
  • Stylish dog accessories, such as collars and leashes
  • Cozy pet beds
  • Fashionable dog clothing
  • Cute and functional dog bowls and feeding accessories

These products can add an extra touch of style and comfort to your dog’s life while complementing your own fashion choices.

Designer Brands Gifts for Dog Owners

If you’re a dog owner or looking for a gift for someone who loves dogs, Designer Brands also offers a variety of gifts that celebrate the special bond between humans and their furry friends. Some potential options include:

  • Chic dog-themed tote bags
  • Statement t-shirts with dog-inspired graphics
  • Cozy dog-themed socks
  • Cute keychains featuring dog motifs
  • Unique dog-shaped accessories

These gifts are not only fashionable but also show your appreciation for the canine companions in your life.


1. Can I bring multiple dogs to Designer Brands?

While the policy generally allows well-behaved dogs, bringing multiple dogs might depend on the individual store’s discretion. It’s recommended to contact the store in advance or visit with one dog at a time to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

2. Do I need to show documentation for my emotional support dog?

Designer Brands may request documentation if required by law. However, it’s a good practice to have your documentation ready to ensure a hassle-free entry with your emotional support dog.

3. Are there any restrictions on dog breeds?

Designer Brands generally does not specify breed restrictions. However, some store managers might consider safety and space limitations when allowing dogs. It’s recommended to confirm with the specific store you plan to visit.


Designer Brands welcomes well-behaved dogs and emotional support animals into their stores, providing a pet-friendly shopping experience. By adhering to the guidelines and respecting the policies, both dog owners and their furry companions can enjoy shopping together. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, dog products, or gifts for fellow dog lovers, Designer Brands offers a range of options to enhance your shopping trip. Remember to check with individual store locations for specific details and to create a positive and harmonious environment for all shoppers.

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