Are dogs allowed in Deadhorse Airport

Last updated on July 3rd, 2023 at 12:32 pm

Are dogs allowed in Deadhorse Airport? Pet Relief Areas

When planning a trip, pet owners often wonder about the rules and regulations regarding bringing their beloved furry friends with them. If you’re traveling to Deadhorse Airport and wondering if dogs are allowed, this article will provide you with all the information you need. Additionally, we’ll explore the pet relief areas available at Deadhorse Airport, ensuring a comfortable experience for both you and your canine companion.

About Deadhorse Airport

Deadhorse Airport, also known as Prudhoe Bay Airport, is a small public airport located in Deadhorse, Alaska. It serves as a vital transportation hub for workers in the nearby Prudhoe Bay oil fields and offers limited passenger services for visitors to the area. As an important gateway to the Arctic, Deadhorse Airport ensures crucial connections for both locals and tourists.

Does Deadhorse Airport have a dog area?

Yes, Deadhorse Airport recognizes the needs of travelers with pets and provides designated pet relief areas to accommodate dogs. These areas are designed to allow dogs to relieve themselves and stretch their legs before or after a flight.

Deadhorse Airport Pet Relief Areas

Where are the pet relief areas located at Deadhorse Airport?

Deadhorse Airport has strategically placed pet relief areas throughout the airport premises. These areas are easily accessible to passengers with dogs, ensuring convenience and comfort for both pets and their owners. The exact locations of the pet relief areas can be found within the airport terminal, and airport staff will be happy to guide you to these designated spots.

What do the pet relief areas in Deadhorse Airport look like?

The pet relief areas at Deadhorse Airport are specially designed to cater to the needs of dogs. They are enclosed spaces with secure fencing to prevent pets from escaping. The areas are equipped with waste disposal stations, allowing owners to clean up after their dogs. Additionally, these spaces may feature artificial grass or other suitable materials to provide a comfortable environment for dogs to relieve themselves.

What are the pet policies for the pet relief areas at Deadhorse Airport?

Deadhorse Airport has specific pet policies in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers. When using the pet relief areas, owners must keep their dogs on a leash and clean up after them promptly. It is essential to respect the designated areas and dispose of waste properly to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Deadhorse Airport Pet Policies

Deadhorse Airport Service Animal Policies

Deadhorse Airport recognizes the importance of service animals in assisting individuals with disabilities. Service animals, such as guide dogs or emotional support animals, are permitted to accompany their owners throughout the airport terminal, including the pet relief areas. However, owners must ensure their service animals are under control and follow all applicable regulations.

Deadhorse Airport Pet Cargo Locations

If you need to transport your pet as cargo, Deadhorse Airport provides specific locations and guidelines for pet cargo services. It is advisable to contact the airport in advance to gather all the necessary information and ensure a smooth process when transporting your pet via cargo.

Deadhorse Airport Dog Park

In addition to the pet relief areas within the airport terminal, Deadhorse Airport also features a dog park for recreational purposes. The dog park provides a safe and enclosed space where dogs can run, play, and socialize. It is an excellent opportunity for travelers to give their furry companions some exercise and mental stimulation before or after a long journey.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding dogs and pet policies at Deadhorse Airport:

Can I bring my dog to Deadhorse Airport?

Yes, dogs are allowed at Deadhorse Airport. The airport understands that pets are an important part of many travelers’ lives and provides facilities and policies to accommodate them.

Can my dog walk in the Deadhorse Airport?

While dogs are permitted in designated areas such as the pet relief areas and the dog park, they must remain on a leash and under control at all times when inside the airport terminal building.

Where can my dog pee in Deadhorse Airport?

Deadhorse Airport provides pet relief areas throughout the airport where dogs can relieve themselves. These areas are specifically designed for this purpose and are easily accessible to passengers with dogs.

Can I wait for someone in Deadhorse Airport with a dog?

Yes, you can wait for someone in Deadhorse Airport with your dog. However, it is essential to keep your dog on a leash and comply with all pet policies and regulations in place.

Can you bring a dog in a carry-on bag at Deadhorse Airport?

Deadhorse Airport does not have specific policies regarding dogs in carry-on bags. It is advisable to check with your airline for their regulations on traveling with pets in a carry-on bag, as they may have their own guidelines and restrictions.

Can I leave my dog at Deadhorse Airport?

Deadhorse Airport does not provide facilities for leaving dogs unattended. It is recommended to make arrangements for your dog’s care and well-being before arriving at the airport.

Where do dogs use the bathroom at Deadhorse Airport?

As mentioned earlier, Deadhorse Airport has designated pet relief areas where dogs can use the bathroom. These areas are equipped with waste disposal stations for easy clean-up.


Deadhorse Airport understands the importance of accommodating pets and their owners. Dogs are indeed allowed at the airport, and specific pet relief areas are available for their convenience. Whether it’s a quick bathroom break or some playtime at the dog park, Deadhorse Airport strives to provide a comfortable and pet-friendly environment. As a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to adhere to the airport’s pet policies and ensure the well-being of your furry friend throughout your journey.

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