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Does Best Buy Allow Dogs? Is Best Buy Dog-Friendly? (2023 Best Buy Pet Policy)

Does Best Buy Allow Dogs? Short Answer: Some Best Buy stores allow dogs entry, while others do not. This is due to the fact that Best Buy lacks a company-wide pet policy and allows shops to impose restrictions based on their state.

However, unless they are service animals, most Best Buy shops do not allow dogs. Continue reading if you want to learn more about Best Buy’s pet policy and find out which states allow dogs in Best Buy stores.

does best buy allow dogs
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Is Best Buy Dog-Friendly?

In general, Best Buy is not a very dog-friendly place. There are only a handful of states in which Best Buy stores allow dogs inside, and these policies vary from store to store. 

Even in states where dogs are allowed, they must be leashed and well-behaved at all times. If you are planning on bringing your dog to a Best Buy, it is best to call the store ahead of time to inquire about their pet policy. 

The states in which dogs are allowed in Best Buy stores are as follows: 

  • Arkansas 
  • Colorado 
  • Delaware 
  • Illinois 
  • Kansas 
  • Missouri 
  • Nebraska 
  • New Hampshire 
  • Oregon 
  • Rhode Island 

However, even in these states, not all Best Buy stores allow dogs. It is best to call the store ahead of time to inquire about their policy.

Is Best Buy Dog-Friendly?
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We’ll keep you updated with the latest news about places that allow your furry friend:

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So, based on what we know so far, if your local Best Buy manager is dog friendly, they will allow the odd dog in or not have a problem with pets going in. It is entirely up to their discretion. 

There is no policy regarding dogs at all throughout all of Best Buy stores. This implies that your local Best Buy manager has the power to not allow dogs in the store, and may only permit service dogs. 

In some instances, some Best Buy store managers may be very strict, caring if you have a small dog in your purse, or a support dog, or even a dog in a dog stroller. These individuals would not be allowed to take their pets into the store. 

It’s really a game of chance and depends on the person in charge.

Can I Take My Dog Into Best Buy?

Yes, you can take your dog into Best Buy. In fact, many Best Buy stores are even dog-friendly, with water bowls and treats available for pups. 

However, not all dogs may be allowed inside depending on the store’s policy. For example, some Best Buy stores do not allow dogs that are not leashed or non service dogs. 

Be sure to check with your local Best Buy store before bringing your dog inside.

Can I Take My Dog Into Best Buy
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Official Best Buy Dog Policy

If you’re considering bringing your dog with you on your next dog shopping to the local store Best Buy, you might be wondering what the store’s official policy is. Unfortunately, there is no official policy in place. It is up to the individual store managers to decide whether or not to allow dogs in the store.

This can be a bit of a problem, as it’s not always easy to get in touch with a store manager to ask about their policy. The best thing to do is to call the store in advance and inquire about their policy before bringing your dog along.

Keep in mind that even if the store manager does allow dogs, there are still some risks involved. Dogs on leashes can be a trip hazard in busy stores, and they may also disturb other customers who are trying to shop. 

If you do decide to bring your dog into the store, be sure to keep them on a leash at all times and be respectful of other shoppers.

Other customers want to bring their dogs into the store on dog strollers, arguing that this will be less likely to cause problems or be a nuisance to other shoppers. However, putting your dog on a stroller does not guarantee that people with allergies to dogs in the store will not be affected, or that the risk of contamination will be lower. 

Why Aren’t Normal Dogs Allowed In Some Of The Best Buys?

There are several good reasons why some Best Buy managers refuse to allow non service dogs into the store, with one of the most important being hygiene and contamination concerns.

Here’s a list of issues, including health concerns, that can make you feel down:

Dogs Allowed In Some Of The Best Buys
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  • Some shoppers may have severe allergies to dogs, which could be triggered by dog hair or dander;
  • In addition, dogs could potentially contaminate items in the store with bacteria or other pathogens; 
  • Dogs can also carry fleas or ticks, which could spread to other shoppers or animals in the store; 
  • Finally, some people may simply be afraid of dogs, and a dog on a leash could be hazards in tight spaces. 

Best Buy managers likely have the health and safety of their shoppers in mind when making the decision to not allow dogs in the store.

Why Are Service Dogs Treated Differently?

Service dogs are different from normal dogs in a number of ways. 

First, they undergo special training to help them perform specific tasks for their humans. This might include things like guiding a person with vision loss, retrieving items for someone with mobility issues, or providing emotional support to someone suffering from PTSD or anxiety.

Because of their training, service dogs are generally better behaved than regular pets, and pose less of a risk to the public.

Another key difference is that service dogs are protected by law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to allow service animals into all public spaces, even if they have a “no animals” policy. This means that even if a store normally doesn’t allow pets, they must make an exception for only service animals.

So, why are service animals treated differently than regular pets? Because they provide an essential service to their humans, and are specially trained to do so. They also have legal protections in place to ensure that they can go anywhere their human needs them to go.

The Best Buy Dog-Friendly Policy Varies From Store To Store

The Best Buy Dog-Friendly Policy varies from store to store. Some stores are more lenient than others when it comes to allowing dogs inside. However, all stores have a strict policy regarding service animals. 

Only service dogs are the only type of animal that is allowed inside Best Buy stores, as they are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. 

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Comfort or emotional support dogs are not considered service animals and are not allowed inside Best Buy stores. 

If you see an un-trained pet inside a Best Buy store, please contact your local health department.  

Can I Bring My Puppy Into Best Buy?

The short answer is no, if the local store has a strict policy against allowing non-service animals inside, regardless of how cute or small they may be, you cannot bring your puppy into Best Buy. This policy is in place for the safety and comfort of both shoppers and employees, and Best Buy asks that all visitors respect it.

Best Buy understands that your puppy may be well-behaved and pose no threat to anyone, but there are many potential hazards in a store environment that a puppy may not be able to navigate safely. From electrical cords to sharp corners, it’s simply not worth the risk to allow non-service animals inside.

Can I Take My Dog In Best Buy In a Stroller?

The use of dog strollers has recently come under scrutiny, with some intriguing questions about whether or not they are permissible and whether it is OK to take your dog into Best Buy stores. 

If only service dogs are allowed under local story Best Buy policy, you cannot bring your dog in a stroller into a Best Buy store.

On the other hand, there are several factors to consider. Of course, a dog in a stroller prevents them from making a mess on the floor, they won’t scare people who don’t like dogs, and they minimize the risk of infection.

However, there will always be people who believe that taking your dog in a stroller to Best Buy is completely fine. A stroller does not entirely prevent contamination or allergy-related problems.

So, sorry, but dogs are not permitted to ride in strollers.

Can I Take My Emotional Support Dog To Best Buy?

You might be wondering if you can take your emotional support dog to Best Buy with you. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question. It really depends on the store manager and what their policy is. Some managers may be okay with it, while others may not be. 

Some customers may not want to see any dogs in the store at all, while other dog owners may disagree with this. As you can see, this is a very heated topic with many different opinions.

Customer 1- “I think that the store should have a strict policy against dogs. I don’t want to see people bring their dogs in with them claiming they are there for emotional support. Dogs should be kept on their leashes outside and asked to leave if they enter. Vests worn by real service dogs display the owner’s name and indicate that interfering with the dog ‘s work is a federal offense.”

Customer 2- “I think that people should be able to bring their emotional support animals into stores like Best Buy. These animals provide comfort and support to their owners, and I think it would be unfair to ask them to leave them at home.”

The issue of dogs entering shops has quickly evolved from a discussion about whether or not dogs should be allowed inside stores to a debate on mental health, disabilities, and the privacy rights of dog owners.

Many businesses will only allow service dogs in since other dogs may not be as well-trained, and they might create problems. The inclusion of emotional support animals on the subject, on the other hand, makes things considerably more difficult because it is subjective.

For example, if a person who has panic attacks requires an emotional support dog that can react and keep them safe during an attack, the service dog may be regarded as similar to an emotional support dog in certain respects, but it may be considered more of an emotional support dog if the animal was assigned due to mental health. This is a topic about which there is much disagreement.

The best way to find out if you can take your emotional support dog into Best Buy is to ask the store manager ahead of time. It’s always best to be prepared and have a plan B in case the answer is no.

8 Tips For Taking Dogs To Best Buy

  1. Research your local Best Buy store’s pet policy before you go: Best Buy’s pet policy may vary by location, so it’s important to check ahead of time if pets are allowed inside the store. You can call or check the store’s website to find out if they allow dogs.
  2. Make sure your dog is well-behaved and comfortable in public places: Before bringing your dog to Best Buy, make sure they are comfortable around crowds and are well-behaved in public places. They should be leashed, harnessed or tethered, and under your control at all times.
  3. Bring your dog’s essentials: If you plan to take your dog to Best Buy, bring along their essential items such as water, a water bowl, and a leash. If your dog has any specific needs, such as medication, bring those as well.
  4. Be prepared for your dog’s behavior: Even well-behaved dogs can become overwhelmed in crowded places. Be prepared to handle your dog’s behavior if they become anxious or nervous. You may need to take them outside for a break or provide them with a calming supplement or toy.
  5. Respect other customers and employees: Not everyone is comfortable around dogs, so it’s important to be respectful of other customers and Best Buy employees. Keep your dog close to you and avoid letting them approach strangers without permission.
  6. Be mindful of your dog’s safety: Best Buy stores can be busy and have potential hazards for dogs, such as cables, cords, and electronics. Make sure your dog is kept away from any potential hazards and avoid letting them chew on any store items.
  7. Consider leaving your dog at home: If your dog is not comfortable around crowds or is not well-behaved in public places, it may be best to leave them at home. This will ensure both your dog’s safety and the safety and comfort of other customers and employees at Best Buy.
  8. Know your rights: If you have a service dog, you have the right to bring them with you to Best Buy. Service dogs are allowed in all public places under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Be prepared to show proof of your service dog’s certification or training if requested.


Can I Carry My Dog In Best Buy?

You are not permitted to bring your dog into Best Buy in a bag, under your arm, or hidden beneath your coat if the manager has banned them.

Can I Take a Small Dog Into Best Buy?

A dog is a dog, no matter how big or little. Some employers will claim that regardless of how tiny your dog is, they are not allowed in. If their policy restricts access to only service dogs, rules are rules. 

Are there any restrictions on the size or breed of service dogs allowed inside Best Buy stores?

No, there are no restrictions on the size or breed of service dogs that can accompany their owners inside Best Buy stores. However, the dog should be trained to perform a specific task to assist with the owner’s disability.

Are there any pet-related items available for sale at Best Buy stores?

While Best Buy primarily specializes in electronics and appliances, some stores may carry a limited selection of pet-related items such as pet cameras or GPS trackers. However, this can vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local store.

Can I leave my dog in the car while I shop at Best Buy?

It is generally not recommended to leave your dog in the car while shopping at Best Buy or any other store. Temperatures inside a car can quickly become dangerous for pets, even on mild days. If you must bring your pet with you to Best Buy, it’s best to leave them at home if you cannot bring them inside with you.

What should I do if my service dog is denied entry into a Best Buy store?

If your service dog is denied entry into a Best Buy store, you can speak to a store manager or contact the company’s customer service department. Best Buy has a policy of complying with all applicable laws regarding service animals, so they should work with you to address any issues.

Can I bring my pet to Best Buy during special events or sales?

No, Best Buy’s pet policy remains the same during special events or sales. Only service animals are allowed inside the store, and all other pets must remain outside. If you plan to attend a special event at Best Buy with your pet, it’s best to check with the store ahead of time to confirm their policy.

Are there any designated areas for pets at Best Buy stores?

No, Best Buy does not have any designated areas for pets in their stores. Service animals are allowed to accompany their owners wherever they go in the store, but all other pets are not permitted inside.

What should I do if I see someone bring a pet to Best Buy that is not a service animal?

If you see someone bring a pet that is not a service animal to Best Buy, you can notify a store associate or manager. They will then assess the situation and take appropriate action if necessary, which may include asking the customer to leave with their pet.

Conclusion. Does Best Buy Allow Dogs

As you can see, Best Buy’s official policy is that there is no formal ban on canine presence. As a result, some store managers have allowed dogs inside their stores. 

So, when your buddy asks, “Can I bring my dog to Best Buy?” you might now respond that it’s a gray area. Instead of showing up with your dog and expecting to be able to shop with him inside Best Buy, leave him at home or call ahead to find out about the policy.

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