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Are Dogs Allowed in Kahului Airport (OGG)? Pet Relief Areas

When planning to travel with your furry friend, it’s important to know the rules and regulations of the airports you’ll be passing through. If you’re traveling through Kahului Airport (OGG) in Hawaii and wondering whether dogs are allowed, this article will provide you with the information you need. We’ll explore the pet relief areas at Kahului Airport, their locations, appearance, and the policies surrounding pets and service animals. Let’s dive in!

Does Kahului Airport (OGG) Have a Dog Area?

Yes, Kahului Airport (OGG) recognizes the needs of passengers traveling with pets and provides designated pet relief areas within the airport premises. These areas are specifically designed to offer a comfortable and convenient space for pets to relieve themselves and stretch their legs before or after a flight.

Kahului Airport (OGG) Pet Relief Areas

Where are the pet relief areas located at Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Kahului Airport (OGG) features pet relief areas both inside and outside the terminal buildings. Inside the airport, you can find pet relief areas near the baggage claim areas or in designated outdoor areas. These areas are easily accessible for pet owners and ensure that pets can take care of their needs during their time at the airport.

What Do the Pet Relief Areas in Kahului Airport (OGG) Look Like?

The pet relief areas in Kahului Airport (OGG) are designed to provide a safe and clean environment for pets. They are typically equipped with waste disposal stations, including bags and trash bins, to ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene. These areas are often marked with signage and have a designated space where pets can be leash-free to stretch their legs and exercise.

What Are the Pet Policies for the Pet Relief Areas at Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Before using the pet relief areas at Kahului Airport (OGG), it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the pet policies in place:

  • All pets must be properly secured in a carrier or on a leash.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and disposing of waste in the provided bins.
  • Pets should be well-behaved and not pose a threat or disturbance to other passengers.
  • Pets must have up-to-date vaccinations and health certificates as required by the airline and local authorities.

Kahului Airport (OGG) Service Animal Policies

Kahului Airport (OGG) follows the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding service animals. Service animals, such as guide dogs for visually impaired individuals, are allowed in all areas of the airport, including the passenger terminals and aircraft cabins. However, it’s important to notify your airline in advance about traveling with a service animal to ensure proper arrangements are made.

Kahului Airport (OGG) Pet Cargo Locations

If you are traveling with a pet that is too large to accompany you in the passenger cabin, Kahului Airport (OGG) provides pet cargo locations where pets can be safely transported. These cargo locations are typically separate from the passenger terminals and are designed to meet the specific requirements for handling and transporting animals. It is important to check with your airline for their specific pet cargo policies and procedures.

Kahului Airport (OGG) Dog Park

In addition to the pet relief areas, Kahului Airport (OGG) also features a dedicated dog park where you can take your furry friend for some exercise and playtime. The dog park is designed to provide a secure and enclosed space where dogs can run off-leash and socialize with other dogs. It is a great opportunity for pets to burn off energy before or after a flight and enjoy some outdoor time.


Can I Bring My Dog to Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Yes, you can bring your dog to Kahului Airport (OGG) as long as they comply with the airport’s pet policies. Dogs must be properly secured in a carrier or on a leash and should not pose a threat or disturbance to other passengers.

Can My Dog Walk in Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Yes, dogs are allowed to walk in designated areas of Kahului Airport (OGG), including the pet relief areas and the dog park. However, it is important to keep your dog on a leash or within a carrier while inside the terminal buildings.

Where Can My Dog Pee in Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Kahului Airport (OGG) provides pet relief areas where your dog can relieve themselves. These areas are equipped with waste disposal stations and are easily accessible within the airport premises.

Can I Wait for Someone in Kahului Airport (OGG) with a Dog?

Yes, you can wait for someone at Kahului Airport (OGG) with your dog. However, it’s important to adhere to the airport’s pet policies and keep your dog on a leash or within a carrier while inside the terminal buildings. You can utilize the pet relief areas or the dog park while waiting.

Can You Bring a Dog in a Carry-On Bag at Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Most airlines have specific regulations regarding bringing pets in a carry-on bag. It is recommended to check with your airline before your trip to understand their policies and any size restrictions for pets in carry-on bags.

Can I Leave My Dog at Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Kahului Airport (OGG) does not provide specific facilities for leaving dogs unattended. It is important to make appropriate arrangements for your dog’s care and well-being either by having someone accompany them or utilizing pet boarding services.

Where Do Dogs Use the Bathroom at Kahului Airport (OGG)?

Dogs can use the designated pet relief areas located within the airport premises. These areas are equipped with facilities for waste disposal and are designed to provide a convenient space for dogs to relieve themselves.


In conclusion, Kahului Airport (OGG) recognizes the importance of accommodating passengers traveling with pets. The airport provides pet relief areas, pet cargo locations, and a dog park to ensure the comfort and well-being of your furry friends. By following the pet policies and guidelines, you can enjoy a smooth travel experience with your dog at Kahului Airport (OGG).

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